When The Boss Battle Has Really Good Music

!! I know I'm fighting for my life here, but I don't lie, this kind of music is a bit like SLAPS. Subscribe for more murmurs▻ …. [TagsToTranslate] When Boss Battle has really good music

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  1. CircleToonsHD

    Follow my twitter for more stupid things <333

  2. Ushi Action

    Wha wha

  3. CactusGaming

    The zomboss theme for plants vs zombies.

  4. Anissa Zilvetty

    Circletoonshd I have found a guy that takes your content and translates it into Spanish his name is Ugonce just thought I should tell you that

  5. Rodrick Goldberg

    Are there links to the music tracks? Especially the second form theme song.

  6. Newbie Noah

    Me when BFG Division intensifies in DOOM

  7. misolou fout

    Me: sees title Also Me: megalovania intensifies

  8. jon carlson

    Bro his is comic sans under tale comforted 2020 colorized

  9. Kenneth Lamb

    *megalovania kicks in*

  10. Isaac Sousa

    Castle crashers…

  11. Aidan Picard

    This is me when Wallys theme started playing

  12. FBI 69 Doors taken down

    The thumbnail should have been Sans

  13. Connor Diesel

    Me jamming to the final themes in Fire Emblem Three Houses

  14. ScreenshotExpert

    You kinda sorta sound like TheDooo

  15. boigamer543 MC

    Like sans

  16. WeebTrash HUN

    I had this with Persona 5

  17. Star Lord

    Almost every Dark Souls boss

  18. Earl McCay

    should of used pokemon Sword/shield toby fox's theme

  19. MemoTheLlama :D

    0:45 That scream tho

  20. Overfiend619

    Plin Plin Plon

  21. abbsnn cose

    Imagine being at a dance party, and then Circle’s character starts…”dancing”

  22. Voch 123

    …How did you get footage of everyone whenever anyone plays video games…?

  23. ltftopgunrn14

    Shoud of been megalovania

  24. the_attack_of_ geek

    Modded terraria be like

  25. Matthew McDonnell

    Us (As in CircleToonsHD fans) be called from now circles.

  26. The World

    AYAYAYA (Ancient Aztec/Egyptian Dubstep intestines)

  27. cherrychvrro

    Did you mean: Touhou

  28. Lili Klapp

    How I feel every time going against Demon tide in Kingdom hearts 3 0:46

  29. Yves Gomes

    That's Soulsborne for ya, including the part of being 1-shotted.

  30. Stuart Cote

    Sounds like something Po would do on kung fu panda.

  31. Cameron Allman

    Yo i just had burger king and i feel attacked

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