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  1. **

    White guys or aliens ? Geez. Get out much ?

  2. Rabbi Schmiel

    Like a Menorah is a Christmas tree.

  3. Philip Ashton

    It's just showing off and if could speak another language as well as that, so would I.

  4. Artjoms Pugacovs

    Is there less cruelty food? Like vegan food?

  5. Sir Spencer

    The dude with the glasses is starting to look Asian

  6. Billy Telfer

    Ooooo look how good I am ! Bell ends

  7. Mihle Tshoko

    Are there non-organic eggs? Or did he mean free range?

  8. 夹糖牛奶

    Once upon a time, I went an outlet in California to buy my friends some bags, as I was going back China soon. I wandered into Coach, a beautiful mid-age woman with yellow hair came to me. Much to my surprise, she could speak madarian very fluently, introducing her goods and pleasing me and pushing me to a deal, maybe she had prepared for those sentences for many times. But to be honest, I don't like her practice, even hate, I bought them though. It's just money, you know, the profit drives it. I sighed. So you guys are really awesome, with pure heart!!

  9. Nloveru

    Your English sucks though. 7:22
    It is 'they speak Chinese so well.'

  10. ไมค์ ไมค์

    I can speak Thai. So what? I live here don't I?
    Such a pair of arseholes showing off, I think.
    Maybe I should do the same,7 except I am trying to chat up an educated Thai girl, take her to dinner etc.
    Guess that might be more interesting, than 2 men ordering food.

  11. Asdfghjkl

    do you have any tips for learning chinese? 🙂 i took it at school for five years but it’s safe to say that it’s not very good for becoming conversationally fluent and my speaking is bad. i can only take lessons once a week now, but i’d like to get better at predominantly speaking and listening.

    are there any ways to find like, a pen pal kind of thing who i can speak chinese with? and in turn say they speak english with me?

  12. G1zm0 abizmo

    Only Chinese I know is no 24, no 44 and no 5

  13. bert nailer

    You guys should just walk in talking Chinese

  14. Brad Stream

    I know some herbals that will chill your pal out 🙂

  15. asianthor

    Chinese appreciate any foreigner that takes the time to learn Mandarin and are even more impressed when a foreigner knows also Cantonese.

  16. sumo wan

    Awesome guys! love ur work…

  17. Johnston Steiner

    Why don't they make videos about speaking English in new York and everybody be shook

  18. 核平統一


  19. Bullet Shots

    Xiaoma, youre actually soooo adorable! <3 im inlove

  20. roger smith

    These guys will survive the collapse of the banking system of the america and europe.. when russian and china take over in 5 years.. for the talmud babylonian zionist power is finally ending

  21. interpretation 21

    They are not europeans. they are Indians. Typically pretending to be white. But soon the real white man will show up and they will be tossed on their ugly as*

    I don't think the world will trust India once the world discover to what extent secret societies of Indians are interfering with the world …

  22. Nic The Quick

    The language interaction is great but the level of food snobbing is unbearable.

  23. Fendi Yanz

    Meanwhile in hk.if you speak mandarin.you will be beaten by triad kids

  24. Kameleonic

    Much better than your average Japanese reaction: it's either a "No English" reaction to even excellently spoken Japanese by a foreigner, or silence, or "Why do you speak Japanese?" even though you are in Japan, and by common sense no doubt live in Japan. People ask me if Japanese is hard to learn: no it isn't, it's just hard to speak it without ignorant reactions.

  25. publicanimal

    I see one white guy and one Jewish guy. Only one white guy.

  26. Edwin Tobias

    I started teaching him at 8 in the morning I’m dead

  27. S M

    white guys waste merchant’s time fishing for complements part 2

  28. Marlon Meliton

    Road to 1M subs…

  29. Michael C

    The bromance is sky between these 2 lol

  30. Davie J

    The people who live in Western China are White.

  31. young nurse

    Awesome !!!
    Makes me want to learn both languages!

  32. Rob Madsen

    could we all be humane humans and not judge one another. We are capable. Thank you fellas. I have tried to learn to say hello and thank you to whom I speak, in whatever language they speak. Always, I ask myself how many languages does this person speak. Have you met a person and not spoke their language but found you both spoke a third language and were able to communicate…I know, I know, now we have google translate….invade earth with malware internet and crash it at convenience.

  33. Alucard Romero

    This makes me want to learn chinese now. That was a chill video.

  34. The 401K

    If I spoke mandarin, I’d be getting into an entirely different kind of buns.

  35. Lily G

    I wouldn't say it's very good Chinese lol…The accent is off. But good job for learning a hard language!

  36. whitetower67

    Evan looks like Trotsky. 😂

  37. Alice Rojas

    all these people are so impressed by him but THEY ALL ALSO SPEAK CHINESE AND ENGISH

  38. Lotus

    I know where the organic eggs are.

  39. Sarah Young

    You guys are SUPER entertaining! Love it! 😀 Your Chinese is brilliant! Amazing stuff guys! A+++ 🙂

  40. Mr Man

    Evan is hot in a nerdy jewish way, is he single

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