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    In honor of the 20th anniversary I decided to cover my favorite show . COMMENT HOW OLD YOU WERE WHEN YOU FIRST BECAME A FAN OF THE SHOW!😆

  2. January Jones

    TMZ ain't shit.

  3. BB's drawings

    This was amazing! You should do a video on That's so Raven. Or a video on exposing Full House, it was a lot of creepy things going on with that show.

  4. Sophie Leigh

    I made a twitter just so I could respond to that drake tweet. Amanda ended up blocking me for some reason 😂

  5. elvencrafts -

    I'd stop being on the show too if I was being raped on set

  6. Promise Has come

    People have forgotten how talented Amanda Byrnes was and still is as a child it’s sad how she ended up hearing voices and talking to objects I believe they messed her childhood and out too much pressure on her life and as she turned to into adulthood everything came crashing in on her even now when you see her social media account it’s sad because she still hasn’t made a full recovery

  7. Olivia Dubost

    You HAVE to buy a microphone

  8. Katt Meow

    Bring in the dancing lobsters 🦞

  9. Aaliyah Butler

    Before she was replaced by Josh Peck fat ass 😂 😭

  10. Life With Ny and Taty

    I love these!! You should do the Cheetah Girls 😭

  11. Kelicia Parks

    Please do Lincoln heights it’s was an old abc family show.

  12. TripleR6000

    We need more why the show ended Troyce please. This was entertaining as fuck 🤗

  13. Ari

    'Money talks…so does skin color'. 😂 so true

  14. Carrina Leanne

    You gonna eat those strawberries or can I have them?

  15. Amber Yañez

    Troyce gives me mal Wendy Williams vibes, I love it

  16. Adaliza Maritza

    Can you do a small video on the YouTube Aaryn Williams from big brother she had loads of racist and homophobic incidents on the show and claims is because she is southern. Shocked nobody has ever made a video about her. They called her the Kkk Barbie.

  17. Nakia Griffin

    @troycetv you should do one on why zoey 101 end and all the mess behind the scenes

  18. Luca Peyrefitte

    I loved her in hairspray

  19. Adaliza Maritza

    Can you do the rise and fall of Britney Spears ?

  20. Syeral Williams

    why am i just realizing that was amanda in hairspray🤦🏽‍♀️

  21. Jujubee

    Such a shame! Her and Lindsey Lohan were my absolute favorite child actors and stars!

  22. Aleshia Haynes

    I use to watch this as a kid all that.. that’s so Raven Zack and His brother name start with a Z to they two white boys twin brothers I forgot but any way always like how they just was so funny back then and cool always like watching them and wanted they life style but now I see how these come from the Disney club like Justin Timbaland and Brittany Spears Christina Aguilera I probably spell her name wrong come weirdo drugs alcohol go crazy cause they did not have a childhood be normal like other children I guess just saying

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