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  1. Jeffy Jacob

    Thanks alux for the information ✌✌

  2. Ekanga Attah


  3. Samjai Sam

    Not insects!

  4. carolyn baity


  5. N_L Official

    Alux , please I need solution to my knock knees

  6. Zippow Pillow

    Insects? NO. There are too many better alternatives.

  7. accidentsafe

    I’m so ready for some well seasoned bugs 🐜 now.

  8. Movie Rockers

    Is organic food is in high demand in India?

  9. Sophie Eutra

    People can get used to anything…including insects…it's just a question of time…and menthality(Which will change in time)

  10. Andrew du Toit

    NO insects for me.

  11. Enhbayr Bilegt

    It might not related to the title, but it is related to Alux.com channel.
    What is success? Im confused about it, and help me get the answer.

  12. Shankar Lakkaraju

    No never. I use lintels and cerials

  13. Omne Aliud

    Sounds like a lot of research has gone to this video which shows development always has advantages and disadvantages. Yes healthy food these days are expensive but eating is only one of the aspects we need to think about. Others we need to think about is mentioned by https://healthfitnessforus.wordpress.com/ which I think is logical.

  14. LadyHeathersLair

    While in theory, wild salmon is better than farmed salmon (tastes better IMO) but wild is still affected by what we put in our oceans. Mercury levels, anyone?

  15. Shayne Patton

    Depends how the insects are prepared.

  16. Stanley Sam

    Some of your videos are Missing I've been subscriber for past 3years

  17. Jannat Malhotra

    I will NEVER eat insects

  18. 518149514801

    stop breeding humans, and start eating bugs

  19. Deb Atelier

    Already included insects and superfoods

  20. SnowPulse

    It’s because it’s “Organic”

  21. Slacker Engi 2

    Only in America is natural expensive, lol

  22. John Wilson

    Depending on where you live, eating healthy isn't necessarily expensive. There are plenty of inexpensive, healthy foods, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, peas, bananas, brown rice, cabbage, oatmeal, and so on.

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