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  1. Charlotte Katakuri

    Aww… poor blacks, maybe if they just stop committing crimes then we wouldn’t haven’t this issue.

  2. Jonathan Lee

    Wtf LA

  3. Minaim Tiznot

    This is why in certain news, topics, and situations that in one way or another may warrant, I text: REHABILITATION, NOT INCARCERATION!

  4. Miss Amazon

    If the country would pass laws to STOP for-profit prisons….you will see how quickly mentally ill individuals would be kept away from jails!!

  5. notorio

    Black Lives Matter is a decentralised movement. It does NOT have 'leaders' or 'founders'.

  6. indy Diaz

    So, if a mentally ill person kills someone he/she should be let go and let them stay at home? serial killers, rapists, the terrorist just let them go?

  7. Loco

    So basically a concentration camp for the undesirable??

  8. Reinhart Alvaro

    Imagine a world where Black Lives Matter the misguided organization which causes public unrest for defending criminals is doing the right thing by urging LA County to stop building the second Arkham Asylum. The US is basically a Cyberpunk video game now

  9. Steampunkkids

    Wtf! I live in LA and despite watching and reading news daily, I never heard about this!

  10. Michael Chrisman

    Dont lock up potential mass shooters, rapists etc….

  11. Rick Sanchez

    The simple fact that she asks, "hiv…cancer…so why are we doing it to people who have mental health issues?" shows that she is too short-sighted to see the obvious difference. This is reason enough to not give her a platform. This lowers the standards of our society.

  12. xFraxus


  13. Rick Sanchez

    0:16 The mentally ill aren't criminalized, they're separated from the rest of society due to their unpredictable and possibly dangerous nature. That's the difference between the mentally ill and HIV/cancer patients.

    This is spreading a narrative for simpletons. Don't post misleading/fake videos such as this or you're just causing low IQ individuals to radicalize.

  14. tlc tlc

    this is what happen when liberals said het rid of mental institutions so then they are turned out on the streets thus causing more homelessness this more crime I was told by s mentally ill homless person he committed crimes so he could go to prison so he could be fed and have medical help and be out of the elements wow

  15. Emperor Don-Nee Chump No chance in 2020

    Tell that to a cannibalistic serial killer.

  16. thatonedude But who?

    Mental asylum need to be brought back for this and we shouldn't lock up people just because they have a mental issue

  17. Seven Seas

    They all deserve to be locked up

  18. V. Lee Walker

    Brilliant!!! Why didn't I think of that!!! Get it done!!

  19. Abmis

    Lock up everyone.

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