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  2. Patrik Järvelöv

    11:33 I think you are hitting on a real issue here.
    Clearly if you haven't traveled and aren't very interested in global affairs, then you just look plain stupid when saying stuff like "America and/or Europe are horribly bad and awful in every way possible". The fact is that the most problem in the west are comparatively small to those of large parts of Asia and Africa. For example, not having a stable wifi-connection is not as bad as not having access to drinkable water.
    And as you guys said, bringing up problems in the west is obviously not bad in itself. But the false framing of it, done by many people in the west, is a big problem. And this is, in my opinion, not restricted to one side of politics either. Fundamentalists in both the right and the left are misrepresenting a lot of issues, blowing them out of proportion or distorting the issue for their own personal gain.

  3. Reggie

    America is great, despite the health care genocide, fighting wars for Wall Street, Saudi Arabia and Israel, and thousands of other reasons. America is bashed because America doesn't exist anymore. It's all PR and about 20 million so called middle class who are programmed to get pissed off anytime the dirt mass is criticized. Sorry, if you know people who have frozen to death, or who were shot by police for jaywalking, or the 40k per year who die because they CAN'T get healthcare, you see the US as just another country that shits on its people. All countries are garbage and patriotism is a cult.

  4. oilhammer04

    Good subject. My pastor said that the mark of adulthood is that you stop whining.

  5. Nicholas Liu

    Americans think they are generous and charitable. Chinese see these traits as vulnerabilities

  6. Dozo Horvat

    Welcome to the Culture war 😉

  7. Fck Disney

    Because Social Justice Warriors leftists Feminist Democrats wants to destroy America and become China’s slave as they bend down to take it from behind ! Yes, Social Justice Warriors leftists Feminist Democrats hates America and wants to destroy it !

  8. HokaYona

    Good topic for an extended podcast episode… I get the feeling you guys call talk about these issues all day

  9. oilhammer04

    The Leftists are trying to divide America by separating us into victim groups. They have their Leftist thugs that shut down free speech and beat people up. Marxism is very toxic here.

  10. Lay Ho

    very interesting perspective because i have noticed americans with this same mentality in American International Schools, where they go on complaining even if they have it good.

  11. MisterPyOne

    Drinking water in Germany is pretty good, but nitrate levels are rising to the point that it can poison babies in some areas

  12. Noah ss

    Criticism is actually a very productive way to slove problems since many government officials are usually living in 'Ivory Towers", especially in Eastern countries. So if you don't complain, they wouldn't know that there is a problem. For example, if a City mayor/governor is using a helicopter for commuting to work, he would never care or know how difficult it is to be in traffic jam. If a bill is to be passed to help alleviate traffic problems, he/she wouldn't feel that it is a priority for him/her. This example can also be applied for company executives and blue collar workers.

  13. Chinese Slangs 代's

    Hi , You are in Vietnam, not in China .

  14. samsa deniz

    Typical ignorant boer. go live in europe.smh…

  15. Durand Sentinus

    Another good video. One thing that the Chinese Communist Party is that they are repeating the same historical mistakes made by several previous Chinese governments/rulers dating back to before Genghis Khan. They are even forgetting the mistakes that allowed Japan to successfully invade them and hold significant portions of the country before the USA became involved in WW2. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it…or something like that!

  16. BLC

    Rediculous people aside, I believe that the fact that Americans complain about their country is the very reason you described it as the best place you’ve lived, Winston. Only by speaking up and correcting the errors you see, can you avoid some of the truly scary aspects of China you’ve talked about in your videos for years. You can only improve if you are constantly reviewing not only your successes, but more importantly, your failures, and are shining the light of change and progress on those failures. Please don’t think those ridiculous people are the majority. 👍 you guys are settled permanently in the US?

  17. Harry Senior

    You do know c-milk that if you search milk dogs on google images you picture will come up

  18. Little Moutha

    U gonna hate me for this cmilk, i somewhat disagree with u. Did i piss u off? Sorry, if i,m have that victimhood mentality?

    Did u know America and west became affluent nations on backs of by plundering, bullying, raping , killing, colonizing …third world nations and developing nations of thier resources, talents… so know now u have it good, morality… sheesh. You victimhood is noted.


  19. xlukas

    Winston, you only say this because you are white heterosexual man and live life full of priviledge! 😀

  20. Loney Truth

    Ha ha…Cmilk nailed it "your not a victim in America" Those idiots think they got it so bad, its so funny. Move to China or Japan, your whole world gets turned upside down. I think everybody should leave the US; allot of the racism and victim hood nonsense would be reduced or disappear.

  21. Noah ss

    15:47 , they got everyone confused 😂😂

  22. Kirby Gardner

    A lot of the America haters that live in country have been propagandized by the DNC thru the legacy media and infected with TDS. A lot of discord is a Bezmenov Effect set motion in by the desperation of the KGB as the Soviet Union was dying.

  23. Chun ye

    Man cmilk good you added that clarification at around 13:00 since before that at times it sounded like you're saying "don't complain as long as there's a county where things are even worse".. Like, people should get really pissed about the Flint water issue since this is just something that shouldn't happen in the west ever. Especially how they tried to cover and downplay it first.

  24. Loney Truth

    The US victim hood crap is spurred on by the Left Wing media and politicians, it feeds on itself, and I believe there is a sinister motive to it, they are never satisfied untli every "injustice" is exposed and destroyed

  25. Richard Branson

    Nope, America failed because it treats talent and intelligent people racistly while the opposite happens in China. Countries like India and Indonesia are also very nationalistic but u don't see them achieving great success.

  26. richard miller

    Identity politics is the biggest problem here in the USA. The driving force in all this is the Democratic Party. Nationalism is not a bad thing it is love of country and that's always a good thing. Even China has realized that Communism don't work for prosperity of the nation. Why would America (democrats would) want Communism?

    The Democratic Party will keep trying to destabilize the country because they HATE the fact their party lost the election in 2016. They have and always will suffer BUTT HURT from that election.

    I have dumb question. Out of all the states to live in here in the USA why did you settle on California?

  27. Chris Kleeschulte

    To buttress Winston's argument about Americans being negative about their own country, I quote Adam Corolla about the same: "We never stop kicking our own asses" and "We are officially out of problems, so we turn on ourselves."

  28. fullblown mind

    I get what Winston is saying, but just because you aren't the worst doesn't mean you can't want better

  29. Noah ss

    "everything is hunky-dory" 😂😂😂

  30. crazy observations

    I can be positive about merica, fishing is good here. Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he can get away from his old lady all the time.

  31. Elias Chair

    When you're European and don't have to worry about all the problems mentioned in the video.

  32. Alexander Kalish

    China is oing to beat america ? How come the rich chinese and scientists live in the US. The Vietnamese hate the Chinese and fought a very bloody war with them. Two chinese banks went broke in the last month morons –

  33. Loney Truth

    Winston is spot on about idiots in America complaining about how bad it is in the US; reality is they have it quite good they are just too spoiled to know it. Japan is also a collective society; I dont think it has anything to do with communism, its just an East Asian thing. There is a large Communist party in Japan but has little to no influence in the diet.

  34. Sumpit Baja

    Laowhy always cut serpentza talk…

  35. Little Moutha

    U both should explore america is a police state.

  36. iTelephone 8

    Oh, just like Americans are rallying around the trade war with Trish Regan. LOL.

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