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  1. 文TONY

    three hundred millions Americans people have no method beat us,small group of people hope we dead!hahaha

  2. JC bale


  3. Logan 5

    BOYCOTT EVERYTHING FROM CHINA….thats the solution

    they are bent on world domination and have low regard for human rights

  4. John Townsend

    trump’s playing "tough guy" trading games with the US’s largest debtor nation with considerable global financial clout is perilous stuff. He is playing with fire when he naively and recklessly blacklists and imposes tariffs willy nilly. Already Chinese investment in the US has plummeted by nearly 90 percent since trump took office (notice how FOX news ignores these things). As these developments mount a consequential disastrous effect on the eonomy at some point is imminent and will be well beyond the grasp of the stable genius to manage let alone control.

  5. Sahil Singh Gothwal

    i am supporting usa becouse china support pak

  6. william Oneill

    Rubbish. Trump just needs to increase the tarrifs. Thus far he's held back. This FT crap is designed to protect the investments of the parasitic traders who didn't see Trump coming. If you believe this dribble you missing the truth. China is in trouble and Trump holds all the cards. What China takes from the US is a small change compaired to what China takes out if Uncle Sam.

    China will open it's domestic market to the US or it will loose bug time. The Chinese communist party are happy to let their people take the pain, after all they are insulated from it costing the Chinese people 1 Trillion a year. But the law of diminishing returns will kick in soon enough and China will bend to Trump. Just watch.

  7. Vincent Koh

    This means US households will see higher prices on daily goods because their US government are taxing them… But Mr Trump kept saying companies are leaving China by the thousands.. So contradicting.. Maybe he could see what the ordinary human couldn't see..

  8. Jimmy Z

    Soros tried 20yrs ago and it's already proven

  9. NeoGeoSNK

    “ a Trade war is easy to win ….. “ Donald J Trump ! Actually trump is winning.

  10. Jin Soon Chin

    Trump trade war, and getting China to pay for tariffs are nonsensical.

  11. Liger Dave

    Chinese learned from the Japanese deal with US when Japan had a huge trade surplus boosted by its automobile industry. US forced japan to take on unfair treaties and japan soon entered the famous “lost 10 years” period. Don’t believe me? Read up on wiki

  12. amos325

    Mr. Trump, your have done your services. China thanks you for making China great again

  13. Juicy Mango32

    greedy yanks

  14. bill will

    Grinch with orange head will spoil this Christmas. However no worries, soon harvest season, there be plenty of soybeans for Christmas celebration.

  15. Lawson One

    China will not come to the table for a deal until after the elections with a Trump win. It would be silly to make a deal right now and then a democrat win where they could have made a more advantageous deal for themselves.

  16. Ajo Aja

    Trump collect hundreds of billion but he delay till desember:)

  17. Bob Cat

    US dirtbags are not winning the war, they want to keep abusing Americans and Chinese workers with cheap products with exorbitant extreme profits, American public is winning the war.

  18. laurejon

    If that is the case, then maybe someone can explain why Germany is citing Trumps tariffs on China as impacting on their economy and pushing them into recession. ? Maybe Germany is not telling the truth and their recession is cause by other factors ?

  19. CrysisFear

    The US dollar is over valued

  20. Ronald McPaul

    You better stop criticizing Trump or he's gonna tariff you right in the nuts.

    But seriously why are we not acknowledging that Chinese firms are absorbing the costs of the tariffs in the short term to hit all important quotas but that's not gonna last?

  21. Mohamed A. Hussein

    Foreign Trade: US trade with China

    2. CNBC

    US trade deficit with China grows to a record and it’s likely even worse than the data show

  22. Dan D

    The electorate is gullible, so the facts doesn't matter.

  23. John Augsburger

    We have a stupid idiot for president.

  24. Nate Neu

    The US is winning simply by reducing the ability of China use its money to build up its military against them, and all those in the South China Sea.

  25. will engel

    China's warships are on their way to participate Russia and Iran for navy drills in the gulf. what trade talks? the ship sailed.

  26. Justin Brinegar

    The US was built without china…china was not built without the US. Also this report leaves out the complete truth that chinas currency has devalued most likely with some intent. This has temporaraly propped up there experts but if this continues china will clearly be dealing with much bigger probs…so what is being said is just part truth based on an illusion china is using that will cause more damage IF this trade war drags on we will c the clear effects on chinas economy…HOW ABOUT U TELL BOTH SIDES AND THE BBC REALITY AND NOT JUST HALF TRUTH..THAT MEAND THIS MORE FAKE NEWS…BE VIGILANT PEOPLE RESESRCH

  27. Rory RoRy

    Trump cant stop Americans importing from China. Its illegal. Not to mention self destructing. But China can and is stopping Chinese importing from America.

  28. whyno713

    Are people thumbing this down because FT is the bearer of bad news or you disagree that we (along with many others) are NOT losing the trade war?

  29. test4error

    China is paying for the tariff!! and now South Korea paying for US Forces Korean defense cost!! Long live Trump! MAGA 2020!!!

  30. Stephen Conway

    Trade is a very complex issue. Using a blunt instrument can cause unexpected consequences. That's why so many have shied away from making such actions.

  31. N STAR

    Chinese exports to US may be the same.. But many many companies are leaving China, for SE Asia and else where. Plus the Chinese Government literally own's its Federal Reserve equivalent, thus can ease things up and print more money when it wants to.. But this can not go on for much longer.
    China's GDP is worst in 28 years.. One has no idea why the Financial Times has not highlighted this.

  32. David Rees

    Never has someone so incompetent risen to such prominence.

  33. Peter Byrne

    Regardless of whether this is true or not it should be clear on the moral choice.

    Certain people go against conscience and morality to support the most evil and communist regime in history, though it's most definitely a choice for whatever their motivations may be (even those Chinese here commenting). For many profit is the sole motive, while for others it may just be spite due to incitement. Though no matter what your motive, you really should be clear headed when it comes to good and evil.

  34. Nicholas Miller

    These tariffs will only be successful if they remain in place for many years. They probably also need to be increased and coupled with policies that counteract Chinese currency manipulation. There may even need to be hard limits on Chinese imports.

    Trump will not be president forever, and most other politicians in either party are unlikely to continue with these tariffs. Therefore, firms operating in China will simply wait for a future president. Most politicians are idiots when it comes to economics and don't even understand the trade deficit. They believe whatever major multinationals tell them, and they tell them that "free trade" is great.

    Additionally, it's unlikely that the tariffs on China will reverse the overall U.S. trade deficit. Firms will probably look to move to other emerging markets rather than back to the United States. We really need a tariff on all imports to fix the overall trade deficit. Of course, that was the policy of the United States for its first 200 years, but we're not allowed to talk about that. The Founding Fathers were not free trade advocates.

  35. Jay Hn

    Bringing fake news because you hate trump, wtf?

  36. frankySR21

    Giving a simplistic overview of export numbers and surplus figures does not a wholistic representation of the true effects of the ongoing trade spat make. Why not talk about Chinese food prices rising by 10%? Their economic slowdown? Their nationalization of three large banks in quick succession with the possibility of more coming? Their shortage of USD? Their devaluation of the Yuan? Their growing capital outflows? The tense situation in HK threatening to break the US/HK agreement (which would imperil their window to USD)? Garbage reporting. I encourage anyone reading this to look for much deeper information on the subject.

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