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    What's your favorite drink when you're feeling very thirsty? 🍹

  2. S Li

    Those Europeans are not gonna be happy when
    they learn that Europe didnt invent football.

  3. Slixther

    are u being RACIST to my CULTURE?

  4. Stevekins ltd

    Nice documentary. The great wall of Benin is the longest man made structure, in the world; unfortunately it was destroyed during the Benin invasion of 1897

  5. Ammu

    Excuseme pls tell permenant skin whitening drink very effective I have tried I don't get result iam having marriage pls

  6. Common Sense. 320A.D

    Does that make them to last forever.

  7. Earthling 17

    Unrelated topic !
    It doesn't really concern the '' hot water ''

  8. David 207

    For starters that’s completely racist and second of all I don’t know any Chinese friend that drinks hot water pls stop making trash click bait videos thanks

  9. Alice Green

    胡扯 which means nonsense

  10. Sunsettvu

    Yang it, I thought something in this would yin up good.

  11. Galaxy Kitty

    踢球. :>

  12. Lalrosiama Hauzel Vcp

    Amazing video ! I think they drink soup and hot water also using by Chopsticks 🤘👻

  13. Kishor Kishor kumar

    Drinking hot water will reduce body weight…is that right?

  14. Ana Shariff

    I prefer drink warm water because to avoid pain in the body or feel weak.. , bloated stomach. Warm water gave you strength too and clear stomach when it’s plain water.. I love warm water

  15. Creative 2 Create

    i am chinsese subscribe to my channel 谢谢!❤

  16. The Last

    Hot water is served because as in all communist countries the water is mostly contaminated with bacteria. City water isn’t treated like in western capitalist countries. Ask people who grew up there.

  17. Trump supporter

    At least you dont include 9 dash line as part of chinas map

  18. Trump supporter

    Soccer belonged to China since Acient times

  19. Trump supporter

    Hot water belongs to China since Ancient times

  20. Wesley King

    Sorry but your facts are quite false

  21. Mich S.

    Yeah, I drink hot water too. Its good for your body.

  22. SukaBeda

    Owhhhh… I like ice coffee

  23. MauiGreenDragonism

    Yeah because they don't have bag ice in the rice patties

  24. Ck chanu

    Me…. Hot water

  25. Damian Lewd

    Bad title

  26. Tony Li

    I’m Chinese and do I ALWAYS drink hot water?

  27. Mangomouaa

    Or drink hot green tea 😶

  28. kyle009 00

    i've been wondering about this for so long

  29. ItsMini Cookie

    My mom doesn’t even know why she drinks hot water- wait My Name IS YIn :O I HEAr mY NaME OmG sHoUTOUt? LOl JUST KITTING

  30. ColdBrewBarbie

    Would you ever talk about the crystal town in china 🇨🇳 they have so many crystals there it’s a mystery

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