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  1. Green TwoStay

    Take away fossil fuel subsidies and every sustainable/organic/aniimal/ climate-friendly industry could be incentivized? #THENEWECONOMY

  2. eddiewhaler1

    I like when he said… " We don't want to treat people unnecessarily with antibiotics etc…" but we'll vaccinate the hell out of babies, youngsters and adults as well as give AntiVirals to prevent HIV. Don't educate anyone on Nutrition. No money to be made in that.
    Condoms… hell no… they work. Ah Jeez.

  3. Mary Poole

    Plants Animals—Humans need CO2—What we do not need is geoengineering(chetrails)HAARP—smart meters—EMF Radiation—5G LED Weapons—-LED and Blue LED Lights etc.—

  4. Mary Poole

    We need to get the Corrupt Monsnato CAFO Farming OUT—We need Animal Cruelty Free Biodynamic Regenerative Farming—Monsanto/Bayer Toxic Roundup such as agent orange–atrazine—glyphosate etc.—go beyond MSG free—go beyond GMO free–go beyond gluten free—go beyond organic—-Join the Glyphosate Residue Free Project—!!!!!

  5. Mary Poole

    we treat humans and animals with ANTIBIOTICS-–Double Standard on Human Rights vs. Animal Rights—

  6. jocko john

    As in everything…….follow the money trail. How much $$$$ is coming back to various politicians in the form of " campaign contributions " from big food conglomerates?……I think those results will pretty much answer that question……

  7. Vegan Jerry

    Great talk. Even more reason to Go Vegan!

  8. michael onello

    Vegan whole foods on Instagram == mikewakethefoodup



  10. 69Camaro

    The old bait and switch…

  11. Becky Shep

    We should have asked that back when.! If it wasn't for the internet we would have still been blind!

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