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  1. Jason Zhang

    I live in Beijing and I believe you got the distance between the two airports in Beijing wrong. They are at least more than 70km apart or about 100km apart in terms of driving distance. Daxing is literally too far for us to go. PEK/ZBAA is still most people’s first choice.

  2. diao W

    China No.1

  3. Derek

    Because we are rich.

  4. Bb

    Don't buy booooeing

  5. Rasheed Griffith

    I was in Daxing a few days ago. Getting to the gates from the immigration section is indeed super fast. I was surprised.

  6. Mikhail Morozov

    finally here pkx

  7. lee ma

    Taiwan is a Chinese province. your map is wrong.

  8. 一生悠然

    Dont forget China owns 70% of the worlds high speed train network, together with the regular train services, China's domestic long distance trips are probably triple that of US.

  9. Rio

    how is this possible? a video about china but minus the fearmongering

  10. Ab Ab

    Thank you for the video. I heard from my Chinese friend that if you are flying from Daxing, it is possible to check in your luggage at one of the Metro stations itself. How convenient! I wonder if there are other airports in the world (or in China) where this is possible.

  11. tocrob

    a smaller version of the airport in Qingdao … https://youtu.be/yuRx6w5jF90?t=191

  12. sealtrader

    Trump: China, you stole that airport from Rikers Island
    China: Where is Rikers Island ?
    Trump: The island I will land my AF1 after I'm impeached.
    China: Sure, I'll built a wall for you and Mexico can pay for it.

  13. Nico Agus Wibiantoro

    Why airport in US is sucks

  14. AngryChineseKid

    China: imma build more airports
    Germany: am i a fucking joke to u?

  15. Dense Love

    Get rdy for c2 929 n c 919 massive production by then every millionaire own couple planes one for international one for domestic by then mengwanzhong won’t get arrested at the airport cuz they got their own plane fill up in friendly country. Not some punk country like Canada I see no different than North Korea

  16. Rafiah Aspagi

    Why don't they just buy A380 or 747 because the skies will be less populated and they could do it like these arrival passengers will take the lower deck and the departure passengers will take the upper deck and also saving time

  17. 人情味儿没有

    China doesn't really need many airports like US does. Most of US's airports are dual use, built by the military or with military funding. Chinese high speed rail system can take on a lot of passengers and is a lot safer. Boeing 737 Max alone took away people's faith in air travel.

  18. Regent Lim

    2 reason:
    1) 1.3B population
    2) China can afford it (President Xi: Because I am Rich!!)

  19. Will Smith

    I’ve been to daxing when flying into Beijing and it really is a sight. The roof and the way it gleamed in the sun was un real and the ceiling were so high in the main customs area. And we were always being monitored and are temperatures were taken remotely and people with above average temps were pulled to the side and checked to stop the spread of disease. The whole place is truly dystopian

  20. B1209Y

    When the screen gets darker and I think my phone is gonna die

  21. Daniel Elliot

    That airport wont last.

    Disney gonnae sue fae the use of the imperial logo fae starwars.

  22. Purple Turtle

    Thanks for the video Wendover Productions 🙂

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