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  1. Mike Wang

    Those cannabis needs democracy!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thats Whats Up

    If my weed comes from China y’all can have it I don’t want it

  3. Tom R

    Now just make sure it's as stringent and difficult for those Chinese business owners to sell their products in the US/Europe and to move their capital in and out of the country, as it is for US and EU business owners in China.

  4. Mysteries And Thoughts

    Crazy that Arjan got all those seeds before China got OP

  5. trytrustinmejc

    Usa needs to get ahead of this an shut it down from being imported from china

  6. Candy Handy

    Now the cbd is made in China

  7. Jarid Gaming

    I dont want Chinese Ganja i want American Made Ganja!

  8. Forging A Path

    It's another way to control a population, people who are high are FAR more docile and easy to control.

  9. Deng Haowen

    lets get high

  10. Sam P

    And the US is sitting on their thumbs while the world passes them by

  11. AnbesaNegus

    Pablo El Chinese

  12. Tegar Andito

    drug lord, but legal





  15. coocoo do

    Wow south park was right i cannot believe it

  16. manven yad

    looks like chinese weed sure doesn't have any tegridy

  17. Tom Koller

    No way I'd buy this from China, the country that kills it's infants with milk contaminated with melamine, and fake alcohol to kill the adults. They will probably lace it with fentanyl. BSD China.

  18. Bry Baller

    Once again China taking a sign from the US and try to dominate that product with cheap Chinese labor

  19. Haoran Chen

    Every door is locked with code — man pressing 1234

  20. Ken Yup

    Yunan is famous for selling cigarettes in China,it’s a great opportunity for them to sell cbd to the US

  21. Jameson Ball

    When there is money, you bet Chinese would get in 😉

  22. WisdomIsPrecious

    1.5 tons of CBD/year? That's not that much.

  23. Michael Crockis

    So, that episode of South Park was true?

  24. Monoblanco

    WSJ wants to be vice so bad

  25. Andrew Jackson

    Have you ever felt sick to your stomach after taking CBD oil?

  26. Archer Jiang

    Looks like China finally found some Tegrity

  27. City of Gentlemen

    I’m assuming “1.5 tons per year” was a misquote?

  28. Earthling Artistic Expressions

    Same Country China that is responsible for Illegal 😠😡 Opiod Cross Death in Canada&North America/Europe etc…Brings back the Opium War between America&China…..and this is going to be Epidemic Proportions/Deaths etc.

  29. Earthling Artistic Expressions

    Don't allow any of this FDD……it will be contaminated and no proper Supervision…No Health Board etc…

  30. yimeng wang

    Hahaha. This is so funny.

  31. Jose Bracho

    They make more money on fetanyl,ecstacy..and meth

  32. Akp kushkid

    Kinda silly… the code is 1234

  33. Earl Spencer

    Lol nothing like making modem snake oil. Why don't we snort some rhinoceros horn while we're at it.

  34. Eliseu Monar dos Santos

    Chinese government and its counter-productive measures. What a shame. Feels like XXII century one day, and then XIX century the other.

  35. Chuck Rawld

    The only problem with concentrates is it concentrates all the bad stuff too, i.e. pesticides, mildew, toxins. All of which is illegal in the US

  36. Chuck Rawld

    Eagle 20 isn't illegal in china

  37. Anthony W

    I can sense a lot of jealousy and racism In the air lol!!!! losers!!!

  38. Arthur Fleck

    Tegridy weeeeeed

  39. Arthur Fleck

    Stan finally made the deal with china

  40. Vincent Ye

    Chinese Nasty government use their power and trade that for money from businessmen, this CBD industry is a textbook-style example

  41. Vincent Ye

    Share the TRUTH to Americans :

    Chinese CBD, Power, Money and Corruption

    The Thuggish Regime, Chinese Communist Party government sells the entrance certification for money, the companies which want to produce CBD need to bribe the local government.

    Marijuana is a plant which was given to us human beings by God, everyone can grow everyone can enjoy its benefits but the Chinese Nasty government monopolizes that industry

  42. Aditya

    Reverse opium wars!?!

  43. hasnat rbm

    China blames west for weeds problem.
    ..now China growing it’s own weeds….🤣🤣🤣

  44. Johnny Dave

    Spread the herb

  45. Tim Sears

    But alcahol is legal there should b freedom of choice 4 rec. marijuana also but like what am i superior 2 u No u 2 me no u think

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