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  1. Perry Escobar

    China building there own cars. EV cars they making. I think 45 is accelerating this process.

  2. Triparadox Clifford

    You don't know? Dude, your company spends hundreds of thousand dollars paying the salary of the managers. If they don't know why, might as well fire them and hire me since I know why: fix your goddamn quality control; make reliable cars and reasonable price tag.

  3. Abhijit Mandal

    Same here in india.. Slowly dealers are closing due to bad businesses… Ford American ethics of business is no competition to asian brands

  4. James Angelides

    Ford sales start to dip slightly
    "We must only make bland SUVs"

  5. geeese jeeeze

    I don't know why anyone is surprised the Chinese government in just going to steal Ford or any companies intellectual properties and then just kick them out.

  6. Серж Шуляченко

    The media got the names of the sponsors of LGBTGestapo: Bloomberg, Rothschild.
    The executives of the LGBTGestapo directors are: Clinton Biden Obama Soros, and a number of other challengers.

    At the headquarters of Trump, Bloomberg reporters were denied accreditation.

    I remind you that the LGBTGestapo demands to imprison everyone who reads the Bible aloud, which says that homosexuality is a sin.

  7. guy proulx

    Ford is falling behind in the US and Canada too, they had to cancel 90% of their cars because they couldn't compete with the Japanese and Korean cars

  8. Tenzack YOGI

    China can make photocopies of Ford. Why China need ford?

  9. Bung Kusi

    American car are struggling in all over the world.

  10. Zack Nyathi

    Ford must fall. In South Africa it has recently been fined for its failure to recall its Ford Kuga that endangered and even took people's lives by just busting into flames


    12:01 the way that old man looks into the giant-sized F150's window tells me the whole story: trucks are as alien to china as freedom of internet.

  12. Chico2x

    American cars are failing in there own country

  13. Rohan Khatri

    Chevrolate once sold good numbers of car in India but now they have left the country.


    Because american cars are garbage

  15. Yo Neilo

    I’m pretty sure American cars are falling behind everywhere even in America

  16. pearlgarden29

    Because it isAmerican.

  17. capespring

    honestly aside from Ford trucks like F-150 and Ranger, nothing else in Ford's lineup interests me.

  18. Kaga Kai

    How about you make better cars

  19. Leon_zhao

    Hello, as you might know the company of Chang An maybe is a really terrible partner, many foreign auto companies are struggling in China auto industry such as Ford, Japanese MAZIDA, also there are several companies which have closed down in China, such PSA Peugeot Citroen Group, Japanese SUZUKI.

    And I just wondered why don’t you interview some Chinese guy, some Chinese Customers? But interview some foreign old man… -_-|||

  20. Donald the duck

    China exist western media: its free real estate.

  21. steevan wong

    american car is struggling in asia . ford and chevorlet exit out from Indonesia

  22. alishihab32

    They are struggling everywhere in every continent

  23. Fiercelessman

    Because its crab period.

  24. so amazing

    America and China holding hands= corruption in everything.

  25. Caroline Liu

    Because Ford is an American car manufacturer and American manufacturers are falling in most countries outside North America. Therefore, Ford is falling in China.

  26. Andreas Hauschild

    There are several reasons.
    1st The car market is saturated. In the previous years people of all age groups bought cars as they never had them, so the customer market covered all people. Now that pretty much everybody that can affort it has it, you only have new entrys, young people that are just reaching the finance level to afford cars. So the customer base has shrunk. Another fact is since cars in general are expensive in China, people keep cars for 8 to 10 years. The market will improve in 5 to 10 years as besides new customers repeat customers will start showing up. But the industry is still geared up for the previous high volume market, and now competing for the smaller base like crazy.
    Next is price. American cars, such as the Mustang for instance are liked, but cost twice what they cost in the USA. So it is a luxury car by pricing. But the luxury market has tons of choices and since Mustang is not a luxury car but has the price of one, it is just priced out of the market. Same goes for many other american cars.

  27. dj Curiosity

    Ford car guzzlers to the extreme shipping to mars asap terraforming.

  28. phil Tran

    China likes Buick’s it’s their status symbol

  29. Chairman Mao

    Ford should talk to police department of China to have them all drive Ford as police vehicle.

  30. Archman.E

    Cheap build quality compared with european cars. Bad fuel economy compared with japanese brands. Shameful interior designs. For people who cant afford japanese or European, they would go for native brands.

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