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  1. Financial Times

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  2. K W

    Total respect for Hong Kong.

  3. Graham Highmore

    There won’t be much chance of conciliation now, very soon the radicals in Hong Kong will demand independence. It will be another ‘occupied territory’

  4. Gla Drut

    Hong Kong is essentially a legal heaven from mainland, meaning if a foreign operative or a corrupted Chinese official cross the Hong Kong boarder, there is nothing the mainland can do about it. Foreign intelligence can set up safe house in Hong Kong and Chinese NAS can not exercise its authority in Hong Kong. This is a huge national security loophole and China wants to plug it. You can't blame China for doing this. Any competent country with a slight sense of integrity and competency would not tolerate this national security weak spot. And current event proves this exact point. Could the plug infringe upon personal liberty? Maybe. But let's not remember what Snowden gate was all about. National security outweigh everything else. Even the US supreme court agrees with this. It has to be done.

  5. just-me That -all

    Because evil china ideaology is not welcome with freedom people of HK and Taiwan, Uyghur and Tibetan. CCP evil can't handle the truth, humanity and human right is the essential life of Chinese and can't be control by evil CCP!

  6. Dennis Seet


  7. Douglas Oak

    Look at how much debt China has and look at how dependant they are on debt. Look at their massive demographic time bomb. Xi is not "reasserting Chinese dominance", he's battening down the hatches for the comming storm. China is a house of cards. She has two futures, impoverished, totalitarian, isolation or complete balkinization. The CCP would rather see China turned into one giant authoritarian nightmare than watch it all fall apart. Whatever the outcome, one thing is certain China sits on a precipous.

  8. obsidianstatue

    Hong kongers thinks too highly of themselves, you can choose to be a financial center for China with continued preferential treatment in market access to the mainland, or you can be an oversize fishing village.
    this riot has made it very clear to the kneeling ldlots in Beijing, by giving HK preferential rights do not in anyway make them gracious to the mainland, on the contrary, they take all the credit for all things good in Hong Kong, while never acknowledging the fact that the HK economy is just an appendage of the mainland economy.
    on the other hand they place all the blame for everything bad on the mainland.

  9. zhuhaoyue1013

    If hk is disturbing the national policy that much, the rioters should have been all executed to this pt

  10. Longam Tomba

    HK mask terroristt = ISIS terroristt .
    Joshau Wong (Vietnam war refugees) = HK mask ISIS terroristttt leader .

  11. sam nyc

    Ex-Worker at U.K. Consulate in Hong Kong Says China Tortured Him
    Simon Cheng spoke out publicly for the first time since he was detained in early August at the end of a business trip from Hong Kong to mainland China.

    U.S. Senate passes HK rights bill backing protesters, angers Beijing

    S.1838 – Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019 – Status: Passed Senate

    H.R.3289 – Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019 – Status: Passed House

  12. 东方白


  13. Low C C

    if you have hkies who need idiot brainless zombie

  14. Quantum Walk

    CCP is a piece of crap

  15. Jackie Yeo

    Extradition Law is necessary for Hong Kong as you can see there is a lot of instability after British handover to China . Hong Kong is a business place, Law and order is substantial to the Stability of Hong Kong and that is main pillar Hong Kong economy.

  16. chf gbp

    Peaceful resolution of University siege. Still no bloodshed. After 6 months and pretty extreme provocation. Unlike in Chile, iraq, Iran, Bolivia, France. In fact fewer arrests than 10 days of climate protests in London. Very light sentences, unlike for example in Spain. Now isnt this embarrassing? Not sure for whom though.

  17. Papi

    just open the borders to the mainland and the racist elitists in hong kong will soon stop rioting

  18. lee

    Why America white shooting black everyday?

  19. jerry daniel

    China systems is better than USA UK fakes demoncrazy violence chaotic makes country instability nothing brings hatreds to nations Death suffering devided bombs woman and children around the 🌏 call it human rights or freedom as blankets ridiculous 😁😁😁

  20. Puti Sudarsono

    All Chinese people want to be united, but not under communist regime

  21. Random Person

    Hong Kong already destroyed themselves lol

  22. coward toe

    But why can’t they just get their 5 demands they seem decent and it’s not like they ask for autonomy or independent all their asking for is democracy.

  23. Zatoichiable

    HK police are so patient to let these zombies wreck havoc for 6 months…

  24. Dragon Henry

    If President Xi is so bad, why his plan can lift hundreds of millions of Chinese out of poverty? Please enlighten me, which country President ever did that?

  25. Alex Wong

    This video is spot on. People who think The CCP cares about the lives of normal citizens are either ignorant or been brainwashed.

  26. Amy To

    No China government

  27. Mr. Kolohe

    The PLA cleaning HK streets! What a disgrace!

  28. ham kaling

    all democratic and riot leaders shall be responsible for the damages and chaos of hk city.

  29. grimm reaper

    hong kong riots do not disturbs Xi's visions for China. It disturbs the west's image of peaceful protesters that brought chaos and destructions the cockroaches brought to their city.

  30. Matthew Brooker

    Well put! The 'oneness' of China has extended from Communist Party ideology into a type of ethno-fascist China where if you aren't Han, you had bloomin' well better behave like one. Centralisation of cultural and political thought at all costs. Ultimately, that's why China will only develop so far, before attempts to economically advance are stalled by either brain drain or lack of ability to think the unthinkable in trying to innovate.

  31. Asleep Awake

    It's pretty disgusting how governments try to control their citizens inatead ofnhelping them. It is a moral duty for every human being to prevent dictatorships from interfering with humanity's progress. Hierarchies and stupid obedience is not the solution to solve humanity's problems.


    Hongkong stays as a part of China.
    Financial times need to understand
    How Hongkong get its alpha plus
    status ,because of freedom and rights there

    And also how China has making a 6 percent growth year on year,because it also has freedom and rights

  33. the the

    The fake news are fooling you again!
    CIA plotted the HongKong protest–more than 1000 officials /spies in US Consulute in HongKong. Most of the protesters are paid by NGOs who get funds from NED, who serves for the CIA.

  34. Alex Mercer

    "Hong Kong" still says it's part of China.

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