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  1. serpentza

    Simon Yu's Channel, please show him some support!:

  2. Kardifan Zheng

    The China's Wealth Boom has lead to the flourishing of the China-hatred Syndrome.
    The wonder sign of this kind of syndrome is : they are allergic to the word "CHINA". Just hear the word "CHINA" then they would behave as if zombies being hellfire tortured.
    Astonishingly, these people are really extinct in this wonderful planet just to become PARIAH….

  3. Frances B

    OMG just pass the day? same in Naples

  4. 張振東

    Hello, friend. I like your video very much. I'm from mainland China. I want to hear about it: why are there so many plagiarism, imitation and fake products in mainland China. Why are the Chinese so lacking in creativity? Thanks!

  5. Nazib Bugiso

    Real Chinese are Chinese who loves democracy , rule of law and freedom. They don't listen to brainwashed propaganda by the communist party.

  6. Ana Banana

    of course people in taiwan are polite, they're very polite to foreigners. whereas people in China don't give a f*ck about foreigners or their own kind. at least it's fair in that department LOL

  7. David Smith

    They're trying to bring that communist s*** to United States now

  8. Say it !

    Only mainland Chinese believe that Republic of China is part of this dictatorial mess in China.For the whole World Taiwan is as independent as any other democratic country

  9. Ma Ang Khang

    Exactly, every points are true..

  10. The Great Gatsby

    I think, the appropriate title is "Why China is afraid of India".

  11. Troy Chan

    should be Why is Taiwan so afraid of China?

  12. AKnowledgeSeeker

    subscribed to Simon Yu…thanks!

  13. 泽天昊

    Because there are so many Cyber-scammers in Taiwan

  14. Resisting Entropy

    If I can respect @serpentza for nothing else, it is because he doesn’t mince words when it comes to his thoughts. This is the interpretation of an honest man, when he has every reason to lie and thereby make things more comfortable for himself. Convictions are not trifling things to him… appreciate him for his integrity.

  15. Aramsa Wafer

    There is no country call Taiwan. There is a province in China call Taiwan.

  16. ひひはひひ無し

    Commies are afraid because REPUBLIC OF CHINA is the ONLY entity in the world whose explicit mission is to DESTROY COMMUNISTS CHINA and restore a good China.

  17. ExtremeCringe

    Taiwan is true China.

  18. johnson shine

    You better shut the fuck up and go fuck yourself

  19. johnson shine

    Why is your stupid head afraid of lose the dirty money from CIA bitch!

  20. soco13466

    I tried to open the video about how Chinese people treat each other. It was a "private video."

  21. Apak umqi

    China Uncensored is now being censored by Youtube. It will be your turn soon. You will be punished by spreading hatred and bias.

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