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  1. Ram prasad P

    What is the best health insurance company and best policies?

  2. ART tamilan

    Sbi poorna suraksha term plan best plana sollunga sir

  3. Karthikeyan Mani

    Hello Sir,
    Your videos are big eye opener for me. Thanks.
    I want to invest 10k every month upto 15 to 20 years. Where can I invest to get best returns.
    And please suggest asset management company to manage my assets efficiently.


  4. Raghu Ram

    Sir, please talk about term insurance in detailed manner, same like health insurance video..



  6. PL Science

    Thirukural in each thumbnail arumai

  7. Dileep Kumar

    You are absolutely right sir. Health insurance is really helped me in a critical situation of my Dad accident treatment.

  8. Venkatesh Baskar

    Health insurance is important but Health is more important. Do Strength training and cardio daily. Eat well. Do Fasting. Maintain body weight. While doing all this, don't forget to have insurance.

  9. jayakumar IAS

    Sir, what's the difference between ESIC vs medical insurance, which is best?

  10. Ajay G

    Sir, which insurance companies is best?

  11. RP

    Sir can you please talk about the pros and cons of SBI smart elite insurance

  12. vinoth G

    Dear Sir,
    Now in Tamil Nadu which one is the best insurance ..
    Kindly advise sir..

  13. Nikhil John

    Sir, your take on cancer specific health covers? With the increasing incidence of cancer, which cancer specific health cover is advisable?. Thank you.

  14. Seshu Ramkumar

    May be GH is the safest place for middle class.

  15. Seshu Ramkumar

    I think every family should have one doctor, and one insurance agent.

  16. leafen cena

    Hi sir I bought ICICI security shares at IPO level that has been drastically reduced to 40%. I have planned to keep it for a long time. Will it be a good investment for a long time?? Pls explain..

  17. Adventure Time


  18. kishore kumar

    Hi sir, Am from middle class, working in IT sector.
    So far my financial steps
    Loans…settled up
    For emergency fund,bought some gold coin
    For cash liquidity, maintaining 10k in SB
    For savings,RD,FD
    For 80C ,LIC,NSC UPTO 1.5L planned 2 reduce TDS(Can't find way to multiply money,so preferd this)
    Health insurances ..nil(parents age limit >60)
    Self Learning stock market.

    I'm having wish to make an stable income of min. 10k(reliable) for my parents from
    2nd income.
    My queries.
    1.How to make 2nd income?
    2.None of the health insurance company offers insurance for age above 60. Is there any way?
    3.ideas to generate 2nd income where parents could supervise to little extent.
    4.Need best investment plan

  19. mahendran2011

    It's worthy video, please tell any sample or good examples health insurance companies for public awareness.


    Email la doubt keta 1600 RS amount kodukanumam…Makkaley

  21. Ahamed Ahlak

    i am the new subscriber after watching your interview in behindwoods air!!!!!!! Excellent clarify at the cutest slang!!!

  22. arun gopal

    Sir how to reduce income tax who get salary please please tell me sir

  23. Balan M

    Hello Sir, This is my first comment for your video. I have been a regular fan of your videos for the last 1 month.

    I had a big confusion about whether to take Health Insurance policy or not since I am having my company provided Health Insurance policy of 3L coverage. This video really helped out to take a separate policy for me, spouse, separately.

    Great video sir !!!

    I would like to have a copy of the given books "Alchemy of Money" & "ORDINARY STOCKS EXTRAORDINARY PROFITS". Can you please send sir?

    Email ID: balan.tsm@gmail.com

  24. raja mani

    Sir, What about Atal Pension Yojana? It is good for us?

  25. Usharani Kamaraj

    Sir, very useful to all, nice advice, I like you!

  26. Aravind

    Sir, i have a doubt what happens if south india get seperated as a country.
    What will happen to economy,gdp,growth???


    Sir tell me about term life insurace schemes

  28. Manikandan K

    Hello sir, I have education loan around 2 lacs. My account is in NPA. So how to handle this loan? Please give me some suggestions and guidance. Now I'm getting good salary and also other commitments as well. I'm a Chennai based married guy.

  29. tamil selvan

    Thank you for give useful news sir.

  30. Suresh Kumar

    Nice topic sir

  31. kasi rajan

    Government yea insurance தாராங்களே அதபத்தி சொல்லுங்க

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