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  1. Kiraro The Kitsune

    So the plot of Boss Baby is real?

  2. Зунфы Дуан

    seamless connection between the advertisement and the main body.

  3. The Coup

    If you know of a way that China can escape a population implosion, as stated at the end of the video, I'd love to hear it — because no one else can find it, and no one can sim it. The statement that the two-child policy may slightly increase China's population by the late 2020's is also at odds with most studies and sims, which give the highest probability to an absolute population decline beginning in the mid-2020's.

    China cannot escape its population time bomb if the definition of escape requires maintaining population size. It will shrink.

  4. z y

    Girls get killed before there is one child policy

  5. Lingdong Zhao

    One child policy, trashes: no human rights.
    Canceled, trashes: population loosing control.

  6. Joe Martin

    No offense to a lot of people but at least in Puerto Rico we do not care if we're poor or Rich we have a whole bunch of kids my mom had 13 yes we struggle in life but she never abandon us she still there we even got taken away from her and she still was fighting to get us back she never give up I don't understand how there is a lot of countries that did not understand that the babies out of the love of the world to happiness and it doesn't matter if you're a boy or girl we love you the same

  7. Pancakes611

    minorities in China can have as much kids as they like

  8. Blood Cotton Candy

    Shouldn't there be a better discussion on how they can lessen the impact? Like seriously overpopulation is a short sighted problem to our inevitable doom but what about cutting on luxuries that is less practical? This is what I want to see and hear.

  9. Hugues Laliberte

    With the pollution problem in China, toxic air chemicals will decrease fertility…
    The video says population will increase with 1 child policy gone….ummmmm I totally disagree .
    Has anyone watched Tik Tok? Of course you have….this form of social media is plagued with Asians having pets instead of children. I have seen more cats and dogs better dressed than royalty. They are choosing pet companions over children.
    What worries me is the men age group now with no woman. I can foresee China's rape rate increasing and also human trafficking . The scariest thing is the bitter incels created by low population of women will retaliate in mayham. These are just my opinions….I'm just happy I don't live there.

  10. Lime Books

    Bring Back The Dream.

  11. AteXIleR

    Humans are predictable as well.

  12. Johnson Yuen

    Chinese and Taiwanese must protest and fight against the bad Hong Kong people not prosecuting the killer in Hong Kong who committed homicide in Taiwan and also their bad people opposing Hong Kong fugitive law amendments or any necessary supplementary thereof for international lives safety issue and corruption issue!

  13. 冯恪

    India has a fast growing rate

  14. Liwei Sun

    5:52 girl getting maaaaad

  15. sunny's shanghai

    11 years education doesn't mean ppl are better educated.

  16. krogaan

    what is happening now is man are fucking everything but not having children we still have sex but with no kids disgusting creatures

  17. H D Dunbar

    I bet you 10 million Chinese see this video and "Hey, what is the problem—-we just send the 4 Grandparents to the USA and Canada, they won't let them starve and we are off the hook. This is no fairytale. I live in Houston. Every year high income Chinese doctors and other occupations "sponsor Uncle Chen and Aunt Mucca" to come to Houston. The immigration people have been fed a line of BS by China that all those coming here work hard and pay taxes—wrong! When Uncle and Aunt or Grand Pa-San and Grand Ma-San get here the sponsors quickly drop them off at the County Welfare office—see you later. The County and city are left to provide meals, lodging, and medical for thousands of these CROOKS….recently, the County Hospital District is owed $500 MILLION in unpaid bills for these Chinese pricks.

  18. H D Dunbar

    The 2 groups in the USA will exploding populations are Hispanics and Islamics. My view is these 2 groups don't think the rules of containment apply to them. Millions of immigrants (about 2 million per year cross into the USA from Mexico–most are Mexican but there are goodly numbers of Central Americans, Cubans, Middle Easterners, etc. Most of the Mexicans and Central Americans are displaced from the small scale farming. As was the same in the 1920s, 1930s in the USA, as machinery started doing most farm work but the small family farm disappeared. These people tell the lie that they come to the USA for a better life….seriously? There is virtually NO demand for unskilled work in the USA. The problem is that once they get here they stay and eventually find their way onto the welfare system of the USA which overloads our education and infrastructure.

  19. Hoang Quach

    So what do we learn from this video ?
    "…..Babies just can't compete with dogs."

  20. Kenny Chin WK

    And because of this policy I just lost hundreds of millions of potential gf

  21. Jeff Bowman

    This entire documentary is incorrect.

  22. cyber elf

    I know the just the way of reduce china population. Intervene other country war for money like mercenary. Think about 3billion people fight for money other country warfare.

  23. post man jim judges vids

    good explaining nice vid gave it a like by have a great time

  24. Spooder-Man


  25. 莫语

    gender imbalance….I doubt your statistics

  26. oscar orta

    And the lgbt population is growing making it worse for population growth and dont forget about ww3 we humanity will be our own judgement and apocalypse im sorry but i feel as if the entire human race has been cursed

  27. Bo Gao

    Manufacturing is not sustainable. How to get economic running without manufacturing being the top industry? Well, service. Education and senior citizen care, particularly. To keep those businesses with enough clients and workforces, one child policy must be ended, before it ends China's economy.

  28. Kirby5413

    Aging population followed by demographic collapse is not an option for China! People having children later in life leads to aging population as well!

  29. jose almeida

    dont use a single password for everything its not safe. instead pay for a company to have all your passwords for you . Thats sounds very "smart"!

  30. Bitches From The Ghetto

    What if you have conjoined twins? 😎

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