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  1. aaagggmmmsss

    PBP = Profit Before Principles

  2. aaagggmmmsss

    Yellow Lives Matter

  3. Dan D

    HK freedom is none of my business. Money is all that matters.

  4. Wouter van der Molen

    That we don't know anything about China argument is absolute crap. The topic should be, Fuck we the us is being held hostage by Chinese $.. which once again shows who's boss in this trade garbage…. It's either have a bit of morals OR just publicly state that you are a greedy company/person that can by silenced with cash… it is literally that simple. South Park of all things knows how to do it right.

  5. Shmacked Muffins

    I feel so bad for these millionaires.

  6. Abu M

    Freedom is not free.

  7. Abu M

    You have freedom to say whatever you want to say, China has right to refuse.

  8. Abu M

    Americans need to learn how to respect people who are different with you.

  9. Ralf Kohler

    Hard to listen to the guy to the left…speaking with that GIANT CHINESE DICK (an oxymoron by itself) IN HIS MOUTH.

  10. Eugene Hausenfus

    Perfect mouthpiece for embracing $$ from China and pretending to 'see nothing…..". Fool.

  11. Noway Noway

    The NBA and their woke players are exposed as gigantic hypocrites. They will take a stance only when millions of dollars are NOT at stake, cowards! BTW, the HK situation is not hard to understand at all, #HKprotests are about fighting against #chinazi, a government that harvests human organs, runs Muslim concentration and routinely tramples on human rights of its subjects. #StandwithHK #HKPoliceTerrorism

  12. Jose Yorro

    Thats what you get when you talk too much. Talkative americans, talkative media. What do you get talking about things you do not know!!!! I know many americans are illiterate, they can not go to a toilet because they don't know how to read. I was shocked, they speak english yet they don't how to read the letters CR, M and F???

  13. Xanider

    Get that money!

  14. Chaz Lee

    NBA's defense is that they're too stupid to understand what's going on in China and Hong Kong. They should have kept their mouth shut from the beginning. Don't preach to us about how WOKE NBA is and play ignorant about China because there's too much money at stake. Where are you Steve Kerr and Greg Popovich.

  15. jeffrey baker

    Fu, values over money!!!!

  16. Jian Li

    The fallout is not only financially that the NBA league and teams loss billions but every single player has lost 20% of their paycheck thanks Morey and the HongKong mobs got mouth hug only too.

  17. hotrod3769

    NBA only boycotts North Carolina.

  18. Yau Peter

    Please try to understand the situation in Hong Kong.
    Not all people support this so called protest in Hong Kong (Riot sound more suitable).

    We used to have a lot of freedom in Hong Kong, in fact we ranked 3rd in human freedom in the world. (US ranked 17th). What freedom do they want more?

    Right now, the rioters were beating up people who disagree with them, damaging public facilities, stores, transportation, etc.. You are hurting the normal Hong Kong citizen if you still support them.

    Everyone support freedom, but what happens in Hong Kong isn’t freedom or democracy anymore.

  19. Martin Zhang

    Americans: "WE WANT YOUR MONEY BUT WE ALSO SUPPORT RIOTS TO OVERTHROW YOUR GOVERNMENT". The tweet is promoting separatist movement in China and THAT crossed 1.4 bil Chinese people's lines. People have to understand the history and context here… It's never about freedom of speech. It's about the unity and sovereignty of the Chinese nation and the tweet touched that nerve. There are always 2 sides to every story and unfortunately, the western media like CNN only report one side and scale it up. The tweet is very offensive and personal to the Chinese and I'm not surprised at the actions that the Chinese have taken so far.

  20. Edgar Edgar

    Black athletes are under no obligation to defend the white man's hypocrisy and the white media's double standards. Let the white man clean up his own mess. Let black athletes be athletes and be friends with the Chinese people.

  21. Big Dog

    Straight up Fck China and the NBA. We don't need em ch!nk$ nor Ne!hgr@w$ tellin us how to live the American way! TRUMP 2020 and Beyond ! MAGA !

  22. apocalypsepow

    Hong Kong has been in the news every day for the past several months what do you mean they don't know anything about HK?!

  23. 漢仔

    USA : Please let me sell my things in China
    China. Money, money ,money, is so funny . It 's a rich man world. Bark 3 times first.

  24. Juan Vargas

    so shut up and dribble?

  25. malorkayel

    Donald Sterling got fired for expressing himself. Bill Simmons got fired for trash talking NFL. China has socialized healthcare, not US. Freedom of Speech is protected by unemployment in US. Chinese Market is 20% of NBA total profit. Good luck with the India Market you bragged about Adam Silver.

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