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  1. Jennyoy

    The depreciation of Yuan is not primarily because of the market conditions. China does play a very big part to encourage its currency falling.

  2. J Y

    STUPID QUESTION ! Because China is a DICTATORSHIP, of course the PBOC is CONTROLLED by its dictator ! ! Only idiots will ask this question ! !

  3. Jesper Ternstedt

    So what will the U.S. then call Sweden?

  4. anxel

    USA start with comercial war now cry like baby

  5. Renato A

    China is unstable and China lost her stable at all, there are no stable anymore for a very long period probably several decades. chinese government can't make chinese religions disappearing at all even if in the darkest period before, but it's more dangerous for chinese religions today because of the extreme capitalism in China and the government and businessmen just want benefits from China, they destroyed their stability because they want to wipe out at all in China, but the religions and faith is the real positive power to make society and people stable. Look at China today, they target to wipe out religions in China because they think religions are the obstacles to their business, they are becoming more and more stubborn and stupid than their seniors, they misunderstood the religions who obstruct their business but in fact it is themselves obstructing themselves. Another reason why they targeted to wipe out religions too much because they want to make China a ideal stable business place like what they want and entice investment from other countries because they really need too much money for their luxurious lives, supporting their official system and national security departments to retain social and economic stabilities, expanding their influence and power all over the world, although these stabilities and ideal business environment are just illusions to deceive others and self-deception, they afraid of that foreign invesments will leave out China and reduce for the facts of instabilities.

  6. Margaret Peluso

    Well they’d know wouldn’t they. Trump
    Was only just talking about purposely devaluing the American dollar. That’s currency manipulation. Oh! Hang on, I forgot with the USA It’s do as I say, not as I do.
    Same with nuclear weapons. The US has them and that’s ok but God forbid any other country has them.

  7. XJLCA

    Actually it is because they did NOT manipulate their currency and let the market dictate the value of the RMB, which made Trump throw a tantrum like a baby, and Steve Munichin, like the good lapdog that he is, had to go back to his recycling bin in order to find something to justify his ridiculous suck up of his master. What a bunch of clowns!

  8. tino v

    Because US manipulates print $$

  9. J L

    Beco' Trump calls white, black and black, white.

  10. damnallseperatist

    The video is shit. China allowed their currency to depreciate – i.e. allowed market forces to work its magic.
    China in past trade agreements, agreed to manipulate their currency to NOT depreciate against the dollar. What's happening right now is China stopping its interference in the market because it no longer feels like appeasing the bully on the block.
    Also, what's this? Is the pot calling the kettle black? If it's China it's currency manipulation, back in the US, it's called quantitative easing.

  11. snakecharmer2011



  12. boofstickles

    This is why I blocked Bloomberg. Crappy reporting. Just sound bites. Worthless lot. May as well close their doors now.

  13. Steven Chen

    US calls China a currency manipulator because it can, it's an opinion, and we are all entitled to our opinion. It's kinda weird lately though with this one, US formally called China currency manipulator when China refused to prop up its currency. The story goes like this; US impose more tariff, then in result with US being the upper hand in trade war, CNY took a dive. So the logic then becomes if China continue to manipulate its currency below 7, it would be not manipulative but if China let market took its own way above 7 it's now a currency manipulator. Maybe Trump and his minions think that China is winning the trade war all along so when US impose more tariff on China, that would result CNY to appreciate against USD? it seems like Trump wants 2 things that very contradictory; US is winning the trade war and CNY should maintain strong. anyone who can't see that these 2 things don't happen at the same time probably needs to go back to economy 101 before commenting. LOL

  14. Diosdado Santiago

    Stop trading with China already. Let's see more labels that say Made in USA…again.

  15. pretty y

    fake!only one country manipulate currency is USA

  16. Helmsman

    And yet trump is still a liar who never never ever shows proof of his outlandish claims, he's a showbiz guy and he gets an Oscar from the right wing White Nationalist friends daily. You know, all the white nationalist, commie, racist low life guberment takers who can't make it in America that voted for him……ITS HILARIOUS….

  17. Sluggo Man

    Here's a little piece of info for you all. Paul Krugman accused China of currency manipulation and called for tariffs back in 2010. Yes that Paul Krugman. Left leaning, hard core liberal Paul Krugman. He is no fan of Trump or Republicans. This was during Obama's adminstration.

    Paul Krugman argued in 2010, that China intentionally devalued its currency to boost its exports to the United States and as a result, widening its trade deficit with the US. Krugman suggested at that time, that the United States should impose tariffs on Chinese goods. Krugman stated:[26]

    The more depreciated China’s exchange rate — the higher the price of the dollar in yuan — the more dollars China earns from exports, and the fewer dollars it spends on imports. (Capital flows complicate the story a bit, but don’t change it in any fundamental way). By keeping its current artificially weak — a higher price of dollars in terms of yuan — China generates a dollar surplus; this means the Chinese government has to buy up the excess dollars.

    — Paul Krugman 2010 The New York Times

    Remember he also said immediately after Trump's election that Trump would put the world into a global recession with no end in sight. Obviously, that has not happened.

  18. snakecharmer2011



  19. yw s

    "face sanction or miss out on some big US government contract"
    at current stage of trade war, does this mean anything anymore?

  20. Jessie Zhang

    Cuz China didn't turn into another Japan during the trade war,and trump is trying hard other ways

  21. Mike Britton

    We'll never get that time back.

  22. metro lights

    I don't think any country would disagree that US manipulates it's own currency. On top of that as part of the trade deal US asked China to prop up it's currency…now that the US administration torpedoed the trade deal it calls China a currency manipulator for "not" supporting its currency and the letting market forces do its work. Laughable.

  23. Gannicus

    If you look at china.. they have around 34% rich and 15% middle class the rest are poor..

  24. Porkchop Sandwiches

    Yes because The Federal Reserve and it's Banks don't manipulate the market with Inflation and Interest Rates…

  25. Strawberry Cupcake

    Doesnt really explain much… I want to know why Trump thinks this is manipulation and not just your average currency change. This vid could've been like 35 seconds!

  26. Barack Hussein Obama II

    Are fiat currencies not manipulating the currency?

  27. Greg

    All hypothetical information is used for illustration. Let's say, prior to tariffs, $100 =100 yuan for 1 widget. After the tariffs, now it will cost $125 USD ($100×25% tariff + $100 price) for that same widget, therefore decreasing the demand for this widget. China countered by making the $100 = 80 yuan, so the actual cost to the consumer is back to the original $100 ($80 x 25% = $20 + $80). All it does is mean that when we buy their stuff, their people only get $80 versus the $100 due to the devaluation of the currency.

  28. Michael Dowlin

    Why are we giving China aid

  29. Marc Perske


  30. Choker Harden

    Lmao wtf did I watch I literally learned nothing new from this video cash grab

  31. Duya Taksis

    Because Donald Trump (yes, that Donald Trump) – a man who bankrupted casinos – is in charge of the US.

  32. LIBERTY for humanity

    Cuba,Pakistan VENEZUELA, Nicaragua, Myanmar, Turkey, Tibet Xinjiang south China sea, Africa continent,philippines Russia, Bolivia etc. are all puppets of CHINESE GOVERNMENT.

  33. Taval Dacres

    This isn't new news, go to any college campus in North America and you will find 20 year old Chinese people driving luxury cars like it's nothing

  34. jntj

    Trump, not America, called China a currency manipulator. If the Orange one continues to piss on China, the Chinese government may decide to call in the debts incurred by our (American) government. The American government owes China a hefty sum.
    "The U.S. debt to China is $1.11 trillion as of May 2019. That's 27% of the $4.1 trillion in Treasury bills, notes, and bonds held by foreign countries. The rest of the $22 trillion national debt is owned by either the American people or by the U.S. government itself." -the balance https://www.thebalance.com/u-s-debt-to-china-how-much-does-it-own-3306355

  35. LIBERTY for humanity

    CHINA is the BIGGEST threat FOR HUMANITY including animals

  36. Lupus Maximus

    Smart thing to do ladies and gentlemen is to buy as much gold as possible. The future is a very twisted up and down road from here on out.. hold on tight

  37. Ten Again

    The biggest lying manipulating murdering back stabbing racist bare cheek nasty ass people on this planet are white Americans. The audacity to talk about manipulating money 😂. The dollar is worth fuck all. Literally. You sanction countries that have real resources or prop up puppets that have resources to keep the dollar strong. I honestly can't believe the audacity of America.

  38. DfromNY

    Absolutely no info in this video! Complete waste of time. Thumbs DOWN.

  39. Paul Nguyen

    that's what happen when you borrowed money and you don't want to pay back so you start calling name and start WW3 soon …

  40. Sam .P

    I thought this was a video, not a news paper. I didn't come here to read.

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