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  1. China Uncensored

    If you enjoyed this interview, please check out our other interview with Christopher Balding on our podcast China Unscripted!

  2. jim smith

    no more eggfuyoung,golly gee willicka's!!!!

  3. Henryk Gödel

    The US isn't a trading nation. Only around 10% of our GDP is in trade. It's self sufficient for the most part. It'll be energy sufficient for the next several decades. The US will be fine.

  4. gerry etheridge

    China can go to Hell and take the other Communist Socialist countries with them.

  5. 12345combination

    If the US was entirely white it would have had a federal budget surplus of between 0.8 and 1.8 trillion every single year for the last 40 years.

    Each white contributes a net of approximately 7,500USD to the federal government each year. Each black contributes a net of approximately -9,000USD to the federal government each year. Each hispanic contributes a net of approximately -6,000USD to the federal government each year. This is the cost of “diversity” incurred by the white America without accounting for the cost of incarceration of the prominently non-white criminals, law enforcement to countermand predominantly non-white crime, and the more generous state and city welfare systems which almost entirely benefit non-whites alone.










    Chinese problems are inherent to the system. The US's problems derive from those who by all real definations are not American. Look for a white nationalist empire in the next 15 years.

  6. H Jones

    China can easily fix their GDP numbers — they’ll just print new imaginary ones, favourable only to them.

  7. 以DF人以H为贵

    1.4billion peoples economy destroyed by a 18min long video. Nice
    hope you dumb fucks have fun Omegalul

  8. Federal Monkey Reserve

    Screw China, damn beedy eye comunist bastards.

  9. Are See

    Trees don't grow to the sky and neither do economies. May the CCP enjoy this practical lesson in capitalism — cycles of growth and contraction. The U.S. has long been used to it, adapted to it, lives with it, sees it as normal, not that it doesn't bite. Planned economies won't work, can't. Human beings, not even members of the CCP, are smart enough to manage the complex relationships that make a free market.

    And I'm sure the tariffs and Trump aren't helping. Far as I am concerned, I don't ever want another deal with China. In fact, I'd prefer to treat China like we did the Soviet Union. Isolate it, boycott it, bankrupt it, and destroy it.

  10. nigel page

    Economic collapse with Chinese characteristics

  11. Brian Nong

    unbelievable, china is going broke because of their GDP growth is 6% , Guys

  12. James Toland

    Ok Dwight lol

  13. whatsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Ny fed is pumping money into its financial sector to keep econmy going they cant keep it up forever. I would brace for impact

  14. First Last

    Taiwan 🇹🇼❤️

  15. First Last

    East Turkistan ❤️

  16. First Last

    Tibet ❤️

  17. First Last

    Hong Kong 🇭🇰❤️

  18. Shark Rock

    Good to hear that China is breaking down finally! YEAH!💪🇺🇸❤♾

  19. ABC Market

    The currently weak oil price helps China a lot by enabling them to preserve their $3T cash/bond bazooka. Also, low Fed rates gave them more time.

  20. tominnorcal

    Excellent analysis!! Thanks

  21. Carrie Cheaung

    China has been broke since ancient times

  22. שמיל כהן

    Do you have a video in which you talk in Chinese?

  23. Odis Yates

    You mean like we did for 14 years because our government sold us out to china. Like Biden 1.5 billion how much more did they get?

  24. notkim jongun

    why does this dude look like he drummed for metallica back in the 80ies

  25. Ray Chang

    How American, gets out of bed and immediately pulls out a pistol and a semi-automatic 😉

  26. The Wolf of Justice and Truth

    fuck China it can go to hell

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