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  1. Berto A

    China is garbage

  2. Doogie Chen

    3 Australian officers was wearing the uniform in Hong Kong airport to evacuate their citizens.

  3. ZM C




  4. Doogie Chen

    Since 1945, CCP China only know to say " it is American's fault, even after the Mo' s cultural Revolution caused the great hunger period.

  5. Peter Geschel

    Hong Kong and Taiwan should get nukes. The only effective protection against communist filth.

  6. wenhao li

    A rotten Hong Kong is better than a trouble maker Hong Kong.

  7. Norbert

    China's hands are tied, hilarious. They either negotiate, which they won't do because they paint everyone as 'terrorists'; or they will send military, which will scare the bejesus out of Taiwan and its allies while tarnishing Beijing's image.

  8. 起风


  9. Yasoboy

    Hong Kong Police, it is high time to shoot them for self-defense. These people are lawless terrorists. If there are not interested and care about the safety of the police who are carrying out their duty, then why should you police care about them that started all these nonsense?
    If it is still under the British they would all be dead now. Do you know how the British take care of peaceful protesters??? Have you heard of Amritsar massacre???
    On April 13, 1919, British troops fired without warning on a peaceful protest of thousands of unarmed Indians in Amritsar, Punjab, in what became alternately known as the Amritsar or the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. British troops killed hundreds of men, women and children.

  10. Bishwo's opinion always right

    the day will come when China will shut down Hong-Kong for a week

  11. M Sk

    Please send Chinese military already. They've hurt a lot of innocent people.

  12. cpisolution oracle,bigdataandai

    The anchor at 9.55 has given the right point ..THe main issue..
    If china doesnt wake up this is easily its archilees heel..

  13. Gerard YouTube

    I want an independent enquiry into the acts of the rioters and the people hiding behind it.

  14. cpisolution oracle,bigdataandai

    I dont like china cause its a repressive regime for its people too.. I mean such a big country.. how its through repression.. But one thing for sure china has done a good deed by the cops not doing anythign to the protestors. If they do the moment they do then things become very risky ..they fall in a big trap .Actually china should give autonomy to hongkong ..Also the honkong minister is a stooge of china she should atleast resign.. why is she waiting for protestors and all those time waste just resign the people there dont trust her.
    If china attacks the crowd there and life goes ..or blood goes it shall be its arhcilees heel..we dont know what can happen..But the cops being not violent is the very right thing to do ..and why doesnt that stooge mayor resign. And yes if it was arab land there will have been murder ,etc.. But here things are bit simpler hope it stays simple .

  15. Carle Cabalit

    I think China will not complain any of this situation as this is the first step to destroy freedom!

  16. 地雷

    我就是個觀眾 我想看你們快點動手 快打快殺 別拍宣傳片了 等著看戲

  17. Francis Ng

    China must NOT stepped in and falls into trap !!!

  18. suzy Foo

    Chinese Gov run a mind game at the mo and will detroy the protests with no mercy! They just need to find a reason to do so!

  19. Rayhan Tec

    We support to HongKong protesters. They have to right freedom.

  20. de0509

    They use all sorts of measures to suppress knowledge of the Tiananmen incident for decades and in 2019 they admit defeat and admitted to have done it, even though it was a lame admission. I wish Xi good luck if he thinks he can commit atrocities and keep it hush hush with today's technology

  21. Guangpu Qiao

    guys,use ur brain plz, if the mainland really want to end this situation, one day will be enough, but it doesnt happen, cause the mainland keep the words, one country two system.

  22. 大本営発表

    suck china

  23. liquidswordfish

    I hear the news from aj from all over the world but not qatar. can you please do on foreign migrant conditions in qatar.
    Thank you

  24. leosherron

    Talk only still no action?

  25. tuan thanh huynh

    They protest inside airport so Police can't use a rubber gun,gas…….,this is awesome protest

  26. Carson Wang


  27. kor yoon

    No need to use force    >

    The hk govt should :-

    1) stop all the trains from going to the airport when there
    is a protest .

    2) Or only allows the high speed train to go to the airport.
    Riots police will have to be station at the in town check in gates of the high
    speed train to check valid air tickets.

    3) Shut down the airport aircon
    in the passenger departure or arrival area when large protesters gather. With
    the hot weather they will not be able to sit and protest comfortably for long

    4) close all shops selling water

    5 remove all the trolleys
    in the in the passenger departure or arrival area

    6) close all the toilets in the passenger departure or
    arrival area when large protesters gather.

    7) Make the last high speed train departing the airport to close
    early (eg 8pm or earlier ) so that the protesters have to go home early .

  28. Hi all and lets talk

    the fact is China will not surrender to whoever on whatever China feels its theirs…, irony is to China's opponents they are guilty and still doesnt admit to it.

  29. Jaws Soledad

    China is probably the most classically evil country of our time.

  30. tuan thanh huynh

    Freedom is not free for people as this situation happening

  31. tuan thanh huynh

    China get out Hkong,,vietnam,Lao,Cambodia, africa,Belarus…………..

  32. Kim Jong-un

    I'm looking forward to China crushing the protestors.

  33. nitz vision

    Why i cant see champions of human rights from Pakistan when they post news about hong kong or xijiang uyghurs ..how come they become suddenly blind when their master comits genocide in east turkey /xinjiang …🤔🤔🤔.i searched from top to bottom no porki ..but just wait for al jajjeera post on Kashmir protests ..all will become champions of humrughts

  34. Peter Parker

    How did this fool Joseph Cheng become professor. Speaks like a fool, act like a fool, he is a fool. Any cleverer fool would have seen that the rioters will not achieve what they demand. This Fool of a professor should go live in the country of his slave master.

  35. MrSagowoon

    I have run out of patience with the protestors. Maybe China is more tolerant.

  36. Barry Stallings

    Will Hong Kong protestors run out of patience with Chinese thugs?

  37. Pjos_xyz

    CIA on action…

  38. David

    The army is already building up!! Why this is the last drop that filled up the bucket: the foreigners has international rights and are now hold custody in the airport and other countries are demanding China to do something…it is the biggest shame of China but rioters will be arrested and beat down

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