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  1. Emerson Vella

    Of course some governments want to ban vaping. The sales of e-cigs are hurting traditional tobacco cigarettes, which means less money for tobacco corporations, which fund government campaigns. It's a quid pro quo – governments want to help friendly tobacco companies to keep up their sales. Case in point: tobacco cigarettes are much more addictive – some smokers go through 2 packets of tobacco cigs a day. With a small vape pod, it can last from one week to two weeks. So of course, vape pod sales are hurting tobacco cigarette sales. Plus anti-smoking lobby groups are actually partly funded by tobacco tax. It's in their interest that tobacco sales go down but not so drastically. The lies around this life-changing technology are shameless. People need to wake up. Even the UK Health Services are promoting e-cigs as a much more healthy alternative to tobacco – because IT IS!

  2. Lord Night Villain

    It's bad for health. Duh.

  3. C. Lincoln


  4. Huey Freeman

    Those flavors are not natural, they are synthetics. Which in a nutshell: it's bad.

  5. Traveler Doy

    In the Philippines just recently Pres. Duterte Ban Vape…

  6. Cool Hand Mark

    Will e-cigarette industry go up in smoke over health epidemic?
    The tobacco companies certainly hope so…

  7. John Smith

    POS drug salespeople should be thrown in jail. And it's not because of some health concern, it's because making money by addiction to chemicals is unethical, immoral, and a disgusting diversion of the money and attention of youth. People have enough problems growing into fully mature adults without this capitalist vulture picking apart their bodies while they are still alive.

  8. Tazboy

    Cigarette waste of money

  9. Sofian

    What is the job of lobbyists working for the tobacco industry?

  10. badhabit

    Vape Marijuana flower people!

  11. Airsoftfrreak96

    Long term consequences have not been found, it's filled with speculation.

    The health crisis was because of homemade THC oil, every informed vaper knows that you should never vape oils, it's like going to the kitchen and vaping olive oil

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