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  1. Don ta

    Trade war is the answer to china greed ‘made in china 2025’ and Belt and Road Initiative debt traps.. meaning china will make everything and left nothing to the others .. meaning china as loan shark will take every things from the victims of debt traps … So how the stability of the World can be viewed under china emperor… Trade war is a good thing for American and the people around the World. The markets are open and everybody have opportunities to compete.. the only losers are those big crooks who have made massive profits dealing with china .. they made huge profits by selling America and the World to china .. it’s time to reveal their identities and cut off their ties..

  2. The Profesor

    Why don't countries just remove America from their trading plans. The ONLY thing American consumers and companies have is unfettered GREED, just remove them from your plans. There's enough countries and enough people in the World to totally bypass America and still make a profit, JUST IGNORE AMERICA.

  3. Quan Jiang

    You know the world is celebrating for the downfall of America. Sad but that's the truth. America you don't realise something.

  4. Andrew Awn

    Trump is protecting democracy and the civilized word! Remember, the Chinese goods are cheaper then the West ones because of inhumane working conditions that are usual in China! Thereby, when you support Chinese economical model you are helping that work system to become normal in the rest of the world!
    That's why defending our economy, our products from Chinese expansion is Defending Our Way Of Life, and preventing our people from becoming slaves of the economy! 🦅

  5. doeurn yann

    Evil Trump, Evil USA! May god curse USA getting natural disaster forever! Amen!!

  6. Jeffrey Joe

    Welcome US recession.

  7. D Carpenter

    TRUMP'S U.S. National Debt Hits Record $22 Trillion : NPR.
    *Trump's kid (Eric) posts photo of the family’s ski vacation in Aspen. Taxpayers were charged $330,000 security/ $200,000 luxury lodgings.
    *Trump's kid (Eric) jets to Uruguay to check on an unfinished Trump condo tower. The trip costs taxpayers $97,830.
    *Trump's kid (Eric) spends $200,000 in taxpayer money to jet to the Dominican Republic to push for a Trump-branded project.

    *Trumps kids use private servers or WhatsApp clandestinely to send America's TOP Secrets and communicate with benefactors..

    *Trump gets Mississippi to awards $6 million in tax breaks to a new Trump-branded hotel.

    *Trump, who owned as much as $5 million in bank stocks in 2016, orders the Treasury secretary to consider ways to roll back regulations on banks. The value of bank stocks soars nearly 30 percent during his first year in office.

    *Trump issues the travel ban but leaves off Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt — countries where he has significant business interests.

    *Trump spends more taxpayers dollars in 80 days of his presidency then Obama did in 8 years……   that's okay with Republicans?

    *Trump, who owns 12 golf courses in the U.S., rolls back a rule that limits water pollution by golf courses…..Republicans silently silent.

    *Trump's family (Jared) Asked Kislyak for Use of Russian Communications Facilities! ……. … and that doesn't alarm Republicans?

    *Trump burns $10 Billion Taxpayers dollars in an unnecessary government shutdown ……. Republicans still sit quietly. 

    Trump's temporary Tax cuts for the 99%  expiration date December 31, 2025

    Trump's Golfing has Cost Taxpayers $102 Million,

    Trump's Golfing has Cost Taxpayers $102 Million,

    Trump's Golfing has Cost Taxpayers $102 Million,

    Trump's Golfing has Cost Taxpayers $102 Million,

    Trump's Golfing has Cost Taxpayers $102 Million,

  8. keith tiong

    Trump like to pull out except for Stormy's

  9. Abu al-Sous

    The professor is correct… Sorry I fogot his name…Trump wanna destroy any multilateral institutions

  10. ideaquest

    The greatest threat to Trump’s re-election is Trump himself. Trump is dying from his own Tariff nonsense. He is killing his own Farmers, aerospace industries, and more. Give China some respect, it alleviated poverty from 90% to just 1% in 40 years. It’s a miracle. China focuses on Long term, 20, 30, 50 years while US living by the quarters. Go check out China cities and compare them to US cities, SFO, LA? Who is the laggard? Check out broadband speeds? LOL. The Art of the Deal is to learn from China not having a trade war that kills Hardworking Farmers!

  11. pinch mesh

    Frankly, the world can go along with the USA, or they can continue to suffer at the hands of the Red Chinese. It's up to them. They would be more successful if they went now instead of later. Too many are afraid of their own shadow.

  12. Randy Lopez

    America supports Trump!

  13. R E

    Then China should probably agree to act like the second business economy in the world and things will get better. Instead they act like the spoiled entitled kid who was giving advantages when they needed and deserved it.

    China is getting hit on all sides. Make no mistake, if Trump chooses to flex the full economic and technological power of the USA, China is done. The U.S, even in a minor decline is still incredibly powerful. All of the projections of Chinese growth are contingent on a USA that allows it. Wumao is getting hammered from all sides, trade war, HK and Taiwan, food inflation, yuan deflation which means imports get more expensive couple with a historic low in manufacturing.. China should come to the table and have business morals and this will be done.

  14. teampullmyfinger

    LOL!!! Wipe your own butts then… We tired of babysitting. America First try it you global Morons.

  15. Dana William

    It's certainly going to make his reelection a non issue. After the recession hits he won't need to think about a second term.

  16. Bee be Cee

    Trump's getting desperate; he's under pressure from the captains of industries from every sector, supply chain etc affected by his trade war. All this dog and pony show, the threats and all,l are antics Trump is world famous for. He clearly doesn't have a clue what he's doing and that can be dangerous for one as fickle as he.
    If his re election chances dwindle, he will most certainly try bringing in military rule and become a fickle-minded dictator.

  17. Pac1fic0

    Here’s the Trump/Bannon plan: disrupt the world economy, cause a worldwide recession that will mostly hurt the emerging economies, like a 2008 financial crisis but in reverse. The objective: Increase the US share of world gross product and thus increase US power, particularly vis-à-vis China.

  18. Donald Kasper

    Food chain is like this. China gets $500 billion a year from the US. China uses those dollars to buy imports. It pays for the Silk and Road. It pays for Africa loans. To get additional money Xi runs a Fentanyl racket where it is 100% exported to the US. Other countries exporting to China feed on this food chain. With the US shutting down China trade, this bodes poorly for countries dependent on resource exports to China.

  19. Lemon Guo

    Keep blaming China for your own country's problems, it's an effective way to dig your own grave

  20. Felipe

    I'm from Brazil, because of fires in Amazon I'm whatching the news around the world. I realized the midia around the world in many topics are leftist. I thought this happened just in Brazil. This Channel DW is an example of this.

  21. Kay Bass

    "Peace and security!" is the False prophecy of the False prophet Revelation 19: 20. A 'king, fierce in countenance' goes to war with Persia, 'in the final part of the days'. Daniel 8: 20, 23-25 The 'Two-horned 'beast' ' the Anglo-American world power Revelation 13: 11 'began speaking as a dragon' [This means lies and man-slaying, John 8: 44] "The nations became wrathful, and Your [God's] own wrath came, and the time came…to bring to ruin those ruining the earth." Revelation 11: 18.

  22. Mr.L

    US is the largest trade deficit country in the world and China is the largest trade surplus country in the world. Guess where China is using their surplus capital? Investing in Africa, investing in Europe, building one belt one road, and bullying poor and some of the south east Asian countries. China has the biggest of weapon than the nuclear weapon. Its called as the US Treasury Bond. Once China starts to put out the US treasury bond for sale in the market the countries that oppose or hate US will buy it. It is like having a free from jail card in the game of monopoly except that US will be in the jail while China will have the free from jail card. Yes things will be shifting in the world economy sooner and Trump or the US government doesn’t tackle this issue smartly. Like it or not China becoming the largest economy in the world is not good for the world. In three decades China will take over the US. The two biggest democratic countries of the worldA: India and the US will need to make a combined effort to take care of Chinese bully in the future. SAD times ahead for the world.

  23. Mr.Apriza Yutama

    0:03 "Loih.." 😂

  24. Hona Wikeepa

    The one sided Chinese markets, are closed. Due to re-open after China wakes up from its personal peace and affluence nightmare.

  25. Shawn Wilson

    China will dump their U.S. Treasury Investments in the Open Market which will be damaging to the U.S. This will be a last resort by China if baby trump won't end the trade war. This will obviously hurt China but it will deepen the effects of the Recession on the U.S. Also, I heard baby trump uses women's golf clubs because his hands are so small.

  26. duzen uns? Wir

    Trump said : American first. It explains everything . Period.

  27. Repsychler 808

    China and it’s leaders need to come down from their high horse and start playing fair.
    Greed is obvious.

  28. TK Baha

    communist china, a terrorist organization, ISIS of Asia, pathological liars, no credibility, not trustworthy, never trust them. Take them down financially, or even better, bomb it down to ash, world peace.

  29. Bibi Chahine

    Boring Johnson is a lunatic.

  30. Mag

    The whole world fed the Chinese monster,to become what is today,a peoples tyrant,a land grabber and a bully.

  31. Lu Don

    because of these lies, Powell has raise intrest rates, and has become the trumpster enemy… remember this started with the trumpster targeting Obamas actions as president and thats all the trumpster cares about

  32. ninja filmz

    Deal with the problem(china) now, before it gets out of hand. America ain't perfect but at least u have FREEDOM to criticize ur government. Kill the communist party and China has the potential to be a great world leader otherwise the world would slowly become like China. Hong Kong, Tibet, Uighurs in Xinjiang, Taiwan, south China sea neighboring countries are being oppressed and scammed by china

  33. olzt100

    Trump is destroying the world economy based on some Steve Bannon cultural theory. It's not China that has hurt the US worker. It's the CEO's of companies that have hurt US workers. They decide where the company manufactures. Trump will not lay the blame with them because most of them are white. So it's easy in the US to get behind racial difference than actual facts.

  34. Pine-Ki

    Lol economy can just keep growing for ever

  35. ArchesBro

    Trump didnt create the trade war, China did by stealing from western countries, hacking their systems and planting spyware into computers they manufacure. These Germans are very foolish if they think the manufacturing base can be moved out of China without tariffs. They are upset that Europe is simply not important to the world economy

  36. cheryl taylor

    An Orange LOON Bestrides the World Like a Colossus………..

  37. first Impression

    How come China is not part of the G7 ?

  38. hugo suar

    europe, russia and china should reveal against usa product and fight by itseft.

  39. PJ Brown

    Wait and see what happens.
    I won't waste my time listening to the utter speculation of the YouTube "experts" and their dismal projections.

  40. Ali Activ Plus - Energy n Stamina Booster

    What should we do to boost the economy? 🔥

  41. David Tseng

    Germans and many Europeans have long been jealous of everything that we Americans have, our affluence, influence, wealth and global reach. For so long they always criticize what we and our leaders do. They low key hate on every decision our leaders make.

  42. p lr

    Trump is completely stupid, he´s just another Putin´s puppet

  43. Sassa Gaki

    Oh, the 2 blondes together what can possibly go wrong?

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