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  1. Plex'n Brown

    Still would rather go with oem board from dell or hp then it sorta works

  2. JimmyBr3f

    I like how that is what my bios looks like

  3. Affaan Mansoori

    I can die peacefully
    Linus : Tell me more about the motherboard
    Cute Lady: YES An Actual Person not meme

  4. Me 2

    Give it to the verge and i bet you they'll find a way to fk it up beyond recognition.. hope they will make it a go for the lols

  5. Aurora Rawlinson

    You know Linus Huananzhi makes an X99 chipset on aliexpress, right?

  6. Brian Flanigan

    Lol Linus come on man, she has no idea how to answer all those questions.. she just knows key features

  7. Ronnie Peele Dechlis

    i have an ASUS x79 Deluxe with an m2 card on adapter in pci 16x slot. it can be don after bios update.. Samsung 950 pro 256 GB works fine Linus

  8. Thang Le

    it's a Intel C612 chip for server, a Chinese piracy

  9. CMDR Tony Curtis

    Purpose of the video, shamelessly plug merch….ready for my vacuum drink mug now.

  10. Mike Kojoori

    Hi Linus. Does it make sense to build a multi-socket system with older generation CPUs? Is it basically it depends on the generation and what tech was introduced?

  11. Martin Stašek

    Great – now I can get a spare mobo when my old finally explodes 😀 I am using a 4820K (overclocked to 4,7) and it is still more then enough for games.

  12. Big Jay

    anyone else notice… in the right light… linus could get the D?? like yeah touch them circuits baby!

  13. Donovan Greenwood

    pretty simple for anyone that's flipped a pc. the CPUs are coming from OEM machines. the companies that own them upgrade every X years. one of the first things you look for is a new motherboard due to the OEM models having little to no overclock functions and a proprietary form factors.

  14. macstmanj3

    I really appreciate that they're recycling these old chipsets. Good job 👍

  15. Gary Jenkins

    Really enjoyed this video. Thank you.

  16. Emanuel Isakov

    "Ah yes, the chipset is made of chipset"

  17. inthelandofnumbnuts

    Dann,MF cannot stop buying crap from China.

  18. laginw

    Linus channel + "Chinese" word in the title = grab popcorn 🍿 and sit back

  19. Arijit Majumdar


  20. Ha Vu

    GHT has the same look as Intel.

  21. Marty Thornton

    No I wouldn't because of them treating Hong Kong people bad. I'm going to start buying from Hong Kong.

  22. Ev MIles

    He was being a condescending jerk, unsub!

  23. PHIL _ FPV

    Wow how much is that drink bottle $30 ur taking the piss linus

  24. fornax333

    I only see good things with this. It's cheap, it works better than the original as it now can handle M.2 SSD and it is based on recycled parts.

  25. NiggaNig420 TOONZ

    The sales woman was a blowjob queen.

  26. KiLDELTA

    Looking at the GPUs those are fake GPUs known for issues of not really working at all

  27. Robi Flego

    they were up front she told you streight up " we use colected the used cpus" at 1:44

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