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  1. M K

    Damn I Miss This Game

  2. J G

    was this song in drawn to life or something because i never played this game but it sounds familiar

  3. AmericanRX

    Absolutely love this song to pieces. XD

  4. Cloud Strife

    Annnnd I'm starting a new game.

  5. Beta Drive

    Currently playing for the first time, and I am almost finished with it, gotta say this is my favorite track so far.

  6. Zenny Spent

    This freezes me every time. Just magic.

  7. jintal

    I remember seeing Robo in the world map in the desert helping farm with this music. Then in the future, boom, there's a forest. Really the best game ever.

  8. Javier jose Diaz

    OHH SHIT so many memories..

  9. Brian Fugler

    I'm so nostalgic it hurts. This is the song I watch the whole playlist for.

  10. Drew Nicholson

    the music of Chrono Trigger is unforgetably timeless

  11. hippiedude01

    Im so Glad I have Chrono Trigger (THIS GAME IS THE TITS)

  12. Chris Righteous

    makes me very happy when i here this and other final fantasy games that square created then i get PISSED on what they have become

  13. Angelo G.

    No words can describe the feelings this game and its music left in us growing up with it.

  14. Gomka

    oh squaresoft, i miss you…

  15. Go4TheKneez

    I get chills from the nostalgia

  16. GLAZIA


  17. Phil Mante

    Akira Toriyama is the name you're looking for.

  18. UrbanDinosaurs

    Well that explains it. ^_^

  19. OneAwesomeOpossum

    The artwork was by the same guy that did DBZ 🙂

  20. Neonblack

    What a game!!

  21. UrbanDinosaurs

    I thought the guy with the orange hair was SS4 Gogeta. Lol.

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