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  1. Antoine C.

    Nice dolls 🙂 What is the name of the minifee face at 17'?

  2. Sea Hedgehog

    I am so sorry about your kitty! Animals have such an impact on our lives and I know mine mean so much to me (including the ones that have died over the years). But I think it's adorable that you made one after your cat! One of my dolls reminds me of a cat I had as a child as well, but it means so much more to specifically plan one that way!

    Your collection is beautiful and I hope you've had a lovely month thus far!

  3. Sight HoundLady

    So many gorgeous minifees! Great work with all their faceups, you continue to impress me with how diligent you've been painting all your dolls since you joined the hobby, you go dear! All the beautiful wigs too, so gorgeous! I do remember when you claimed you'd for sure stick with synthetic wigs for your dolls, ha! Now here come the sparkly eyes! They're hard to resist!

    That is a very high shipping for an MSD body? I'd maybe say something to them about it, perhaps there is a mistake? Even if Soul Doll put the body in one of those big ass boxes they put every thing in, why would it cost double then the SD body? Doesn't make much sense to me. I wonder if BJDivas would be willing to pack the body in a smaller box for you? Wouldn't get the company box then but could be a consideration. But holy crap, is it going to be over $100 to ship my DollShe order when it finally comes in? Arch!

    The beautiful tan girl Iru belongs to Tskonk on Instagram! I'm in love with that doll too and she doesn't even have a faceup yet, lol! I'm the most horrible enabler ever tho, so YES, get you a tan minifee, ha! But I must say I do still vote for a tan Mirwen first!

    I'm also loving all the art of your dolls you've been creating and I'd say the new iPad has been very good for you. <3

    Really inspiring to me too, and makes me want to get back into digital art, I've been wanting to work with procreate since it was first released! I might have given my husband some not so subtle hints about an iPad Air 3 and Apple pen for my upcoming birthday, ha!

    Loooong comment ROFL

  4. Tenmitsudou

    The drawings are so cute, good job!

  5. DollzOfMischief NYC

    They are so cute! I loveee the wigs! 😻 I also have a doll named Nellie bc it was my grandmothers name and the doll is very sweet light, pink and I miss her. So I figured to name my dollie that bc it makes me feel happy when I look at her and now remember my grandmother. ☺️

  6. Sarah

    They're all so cute! I love Willow! Super pretty faceup and wig 😍

  7. starbrights90

    Always enjoy watching your videos! Love your faces! Particularly like Nellie- she's very sweet.
    It made me laugh so much when you said 'At least I stick with my dolls and don't sell them left and right' because that is literally me! 🙈 I collect Blythe, and I'm forever selling my dolls, its ridiculous 😂

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