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  1. Stephen Mitchell

    Wonderful story of truth, danger, cruel culture of the Japanese even today. Same for present China lies, greed, and their of the world!!! Here it comes again. But first they need DemocRATS to weak, and destroy the USA!!! Thank You for sharing this with everyone!!!

  2. Mele Lee

    What a wonderfully,great movie about faith and true belief. He died before liberation, but how many people did he save with his unflagging faith?

  3. Stephen Mitchell

    A woman knows the man she married and doesn't try to change the man she loved. That's a wife blessed and husband with the blessings of God….love ever growing for each and their children.

  4. Cindy P

    Little slow but excellent story

  5. Original 6 Hockey

    Great movie.

  6. Jan Johnson Amarillas

    Such a good movie , and I don't want to say more to spoil it. Thank you !

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