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  1. new account, who dis?

    Sure, as long as the Chinese government acts in good faith to protect foreign IP and stop Chinese companies using it unlawfully…

    Oh wait, the Chinese government requires all foreign companies to partner with a Chinese company in order to business in China. Oh yes, and the foreign company must sign an agreement saying it willing shares its IP with the Chinese partner, so there's definitely no intellectual property stealing here.

  2. kohaku

    I wonder if those surveys were done in an anonymous way. Usually forced technology transfer is done through many ways, forced formation of JVs, forced IP licensing, hiring talents (especially Chinese nationalities) directly from foreign competitors, and if you dare to complain, the Chinese government will invite your local executives to “have a cup of tea”, meaning post either business or even personal threats to them if they are of Chinese nationality. In summary, don’t be so naive, there’s no bottom line if you want to make money in China, after all morality doesn’t mean much under today’s communist rule. —— a former foreign delegate working in China for over 5 years.

  3. Mower Ben

    so you are saying that China will be more innovative in the future? i think you are partially correct but I think China will be more innovative in STEALING IP. That is the culture of the country (copying), do you really think that would change because of the chinese 'authorities'? you have to give examples not just state your opinions. One thing you got right wan the title Dead Wrong because that is what you are. What were the last 10 truly new products that came from China. Please name them in your next video.

  4. Jim Baker

    American farmers lost a big market in the recent trade wars. It's rumored that this is even a big reason for recent Amazonian deforestation…China seeking replacement soy.

  5. Taylor Britton

    not to mention that ip doesnt exist

  6. Adrián

    Excellent conclusion!

  7. Jerome Rademacher

    You are incredibly naive if you believe a communist dictatorship behaves like a Christian founded democracy. If you would like to better understand how they actually behave I recommend you read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's nonfiction book "The Gulag Archipelago".

  8. timothy mcgoldrick

    It would take far more than a minute and a half of skewed statistics and historical ambiguities to convince me but there is not a need for a trade war between the US and China. In the past the US stole from Europe and Europe stole from the US. Today China steals from the world and it is a one-sided affair.

  9. Dom Dukes

    “All countries used to do the same thing” would be more accurately stated “all governments are owned by the same central banker families, as long as they have a central bank in their country and those central banker families have stolen the freedom of humanity in the past and continue to do so”… That was a run on sentence but you get it.

  10. Oziel Jose

    Think of the message to developing countries being sent here. Its almost like saying that it is ok to steal and is like a "social debt" developed countries have to pay. Im from Brazil by the way.

  11. Ron Simmons

    Best way to "defeat" China is for manufacturers to stop building stuff there and move to another country!

  12. Masked Doggo

    Dead Wrong (R)

  13. Oziel Jose

    This has to be an absolutely delusional comparison. Theft of IP always existed on a certain scale but to compare to what China does and still say that it is a "transfer of technology" is insane, its like these people belong to another world.

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