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  1. montfajon henri

    On devrait ne plus faire d'affaires avec une ditacture communiste qui tue ses manifestants

  2. Chi Wang Nip

    Hong Kong Police good shot!

  3. maximilan marx

    Chinese police shot HongKong protesters to be exact.
    HongKong is a country.
    Taiwan is a country.

  4. Zh D

    Actually, this video is not "complete". There was a police on the ground and was being hit by many riots. The police holding the gun (in this video) wanted to save that police on the ground.

  5. On Guard

    I think a forensic audit needs to be conducted because there are many reports (Blow by Blow) and they seem inaccurate to me! If you go back far enough to into the video at the beginning, the policeman, with pistol drawn is chasing a protestor who skirts around the corner of the building. Presuming he lost his quarry he veered left and went after the first protestor he camine across, again, pistol drawn. His forward charge put him right in the boys face with his gun just inches away from the boy! The boy did what anyone would have done..he tried to strike the gun or the policeman’s arm holding the gun. He missed going underneath the arm and only hitting the shirt sleeve! The policeman arm did NOT move from the attempted blow!.the policeman had a shotgun with less lethal ammunition in his left hand but did not raise it! Instead, he choose to fire at point blank range with a deadly weapon. The other police immediately pushed him back out of the way against a storefront window to prevent him from shooting again. The big kid who came in to help was pistol whipped to the ground for trying to help~ indeed, there is cause for an investigation into the actions of the police!

  6. nicktipTV

    In America, they would have all been shot within 5 meters' range with those `weapons` in their hands. None will be able to survive and run away.
    And this is 1st ever shot, after 5 months.

  7. Vow of Freedom

    HKers suddenly wake up and discover that there are so many problems in their government as well as in the police that they would never imagine before! The "One country Two systems" obviously is not working! May be everybody were so naïve to believe an autocratic leader would allow any freedom within the country. And now it reaches to the point of no return. HKers are not back down, and the majority of the Hong Kong people are urging for an independent inquiry and choose their own government by the Universal suffrage in elections for the city’s chief executive and legislature. Hong Kong will never be the same again! Go HKer!

  8. ppc all the way

    Governments would never use guns against its own citizens!

  9. D VV

    Should put it right in between his eyebrow

  10. Jack Chung

    我是個三十多年的中國香港老華橋在加拿大。細細個在外國長大都大半個竹星仔。 面對過好多種族歧視。我非常驕傲自豪自己係中國龍的傳人。

  11. Jack Chung

    If these riots were in the U.S… Lol 😂 😂 😂 the send out the National Guards military armed with M16s.

  12. Roy S.

    Good job Hong Kong police!

  13. 低頭瀆


  14. dtvqa

    That's what happen when you use violence against the police. These hooligans deserve to be shot. Can't wait to see more nuisance HK animals being culled.

  15. Mustache Cashstash

    any .hk news site will show it unblurred. american tv is all edited and pussied up.

  16. 舞尉

    The rioters deserve bullets, police is doing their job, don‘t need to sorry for these.

  17. Tom Thelandloard

    The swat at the militarized cops gun with the stick was a defensive action unfortunately just not good enough against a gun nor the bogey board to stop a bullet. This act by the military/cops ups the anti the students are smart will easily search out modified arms and bulletproof protection.

  18. Jiahang Li

    Why did you changed the video by cutting out the molotov throwing scene. Shame on you

  19. Po101080

    You 50cent people do know that police is not supposed to shoot at or above the chest level right? You are only supposed to shoot to immobilize and subdue. And unless your LIFE is threatened, which that police wouldn't since he is in full riot gear, he should ONLY shoot live rounds as a last resort. You do know that firing your gun as a police carries VERY SERIOUS consequences right? Like, back in HQ you would need to write pages of reports stating WHY you felt it necessary to shoot. That police was clearly shooting with the intent to kill. That is illegal.

  20. Shivaay Gaming

    Omg shooting from point blank.

  21. chris tang

    the only tragedy is he missed the head

  22. Timmaaas

    Nice shot

  23. Soloman Iau

    Sorry to say that, the rioter was well deserve it. Still think the polices in Hong Kong are too kind.

  24. Tonny Jian Li

    good job hk police,and bbc can you send the complete video?

  25. Sherry Mo

    The rioter should have died in US. Did the police just use robber bullet? The rioter was still swearing so loud.

  26. 嶷潘

    Freedom fighter fight like a wussy, how ironic.

  27. Asdga Dagacv

    these last name with meng, ching, dong, bang accounts are obviously bot how sad.

  28. edward siew

    Wow. He crying like a baby. Crying to be sent to the Hospital. I thought they are the braves that rather die then to let police catch them lmfao.

  29. Aaron 1970s

    Excellent hk policeman. You should do that earlier which can prevent riots becoming more crazy.

  30. worseto1

    Omg that's the start of war and the end of Xi.

  31. Devin C

    Listen kids don’t swing at someone pointing a gun at you. It usually end badly.

  32. Jack Meng

    Well done HK police! These riots just deserve the bullets!

  33. Home Of The Brave

    Chinese bots/brainwashed people flooding the comments. Keep eating up your gov's propaganda.

  34. Na na

    Beautiful job, HK police

  35. Jiahang Li

    To me it looks like the thug hit the cop’s arm with that pipe (you know that spot in the arm which when you hit it you trigger reflex) and caused his muscle to contract, which finally triggered the gunshot. Poor kid

  36. Sean Lemmermann

    The CCP are today's Soviets/NAZI's
    – Concentration camps, check
    – Racist supremacy and socialist nationalism, check.
    – Book burning and heavy censorship, check.
    – Goal of global domination (belt and road, debts trapping countries), check.
    – Cult of personality and collectivism, check.
    – Historical revisionism and youth propaganda (Tiananmen, what Tiananmen?).

    Bonus points:
    – Involuntary mass organ harvesting.
    – political imprisonment.
    – 99.99% conviction rate.
    – mass exportation of drugs to western countries.

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