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  1. Los Angels

    Did you expect anything else ?

  2. Dan D

    I thought it was a scene from the Hong Kong riots. 😂 Its hard to convince me that these people are oppressed. They're living the good life.

  3. Silly Seagull

    I love money

  4. alvin askme86

    Wow so fuckin uncivilized mentality. No manner and pure greed. No wonder most of them always unsatisfied with what they already has no matter when it come to wealth, politics and power.

  5. Raymond

    Those who fought over the chicken….just wait about couple days…they will be back queuing up at the return line with just a little portion of the chicken and say it doesn't taste good and want money back

  6. 아미방탄

    Made in China

  7. Epluribusunum

    Human-like rats.

  8. 한국Clown

    I'm waiting for the man to say that China's economy is collapsing.

  9. walter koh

    Now who is at fault, Donald Trump or these crazy consumers?

  10. yizheng Chu


  11. LoosSerine

    Costco shares, up 5% already hahaha

  12. Sa Christina

    My god my people looked like rats. When the store door opened

  13. J. Lee

    Just like Black Friday in US….Trump: All US Companies Should Leave China Immediately…Right Now!!!…

  14. Bollina mohan satya balakrishna

    Stop eating beef and pork they are killing rain forest and finally it will kill you

  15. mohamed maskor

    Wow. Tq for your support. Come again.

  16. Ruptoit J.V

    Communist country 😱


    Those people in traffic looks like having fun 0:43 or am I tripping?

  18. 清秋冷月


  19. This is why Taiwan and Hong Kong don't want anything to do with China….

  20. x z

    Compared with the black Friday’s snapped up video(like 'World War Z'), this is simply unremarkable.

  21. A Mh

    Pls dont look down on others…. spare ur words!

  22. Nasha Naufal

    The moment those shutter opens and they crawl in it reminds me of Resident evil Zombies 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️ doing the same thing.

  23. Kamek Kitak

    And then they act as nobleman in other countries

  24. shahrulzaman kamaludin

    Buruk naw perangai.Dah kebulur ke apa?

  25. kok keong foo

    Why so hungry … ??

  26. mohd shukri

    This is the yajuj majuj tribe mention in Quran,you can see how barbaric them be..how greedy they are..if you can see these sepet people stay all around the world even in africa.they will make chaos one day

  27. Rushdie Daniel

    Nothing new

  28. scooter forever

    Hope the costco will down the communist rulling government.ha ha

  29. Vignesh Sivam

    The most greedy people in the world…😤

  30. truno cheah

    only happen in china. Disgusting

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