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  1. INdii

    My xiao zhaaaan…

  2. caprie smile

    When i first watched the trailer, i thought the second male lead must be Jin Akanishi for sure (1:39) i found out it's not him but it's Xiao Zhan after i googled!


    Waiting for the release

  4. Kamado Tanjiro

    Why does Xiao Zhan looks so different in every drama.

  5. Tehreem Safder

    this drama have been release or not??


    1.39 เว้ยอิงชัดๆ


    ตอนแรกดีใจที่จ้านเล่น ตอนนี้ฟินไม่สุด อี้ป๋อรั้งไว้

  8. Mark Shi

    Wait for this take my whole patience.

  9. Blue Bird

    Thought everyone commenting would like to know that according to iqiyi its going to air in dec of this year

  10. cam bi

    Still waiting for the airing since the first trailor and becoming a fan of xiao zhan from the untamed… 😍

  11. Ray Garcia

    Im still waiting 😢

  12. Mikaela Olaguera

    Xiao Zhan serving some serious second lead syndrome, I'm sold!

  13. God of Beauty Taehyung

    Xiao Zhan 😍

  14. Karen s.

    I cannot wait for this drama! such intense acting and trailer and I hope it's not those sweet cutesy type frail woman…..

  15. kara liirt

    اها لسا ما نزل 🙂… بنتظره بنتظره يعني بنتظره ولازم اشوفه…. انا جايه عشان البطل بس 🌝🔥

  16. Arelys Perez

    I can’t wait 😊

  17. reinhart fagcas

    the drama will be release after 10 years hope ill be still alive to watch this hahaha

  18. Sunflower Area

    OMG i really like this song 💙❤💙


    i am waiting for it alnost 2 years now ..
    sean xiao darren wang….

  20. patty sanchez

    I'm still waiting for this drama ❤❤

  21. Jaquiline Duay

    Hoping 2019 I remember I’ve waiting 2018

  22. Sônia

    What name song please?🙃

  23. Barisuklang Ramsiej

    The two Main actor looks so similar.. But I can find out from their lips.. Xiao zhan lips were smaller and cute

  24. langga koh

    I cant wait this drama excited to watching this

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