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  1. Kürşad Doğanay

    Are you still listening ? 🙂

  2. aditya sharan


  3. Archana singh

    I 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚this movie and song

  4. Herogamer 4000

    So nice

  5. Serenity19

    If Hans Zimmer would work for Marvel Infinity War would have been even better.

  6. MAXIYO2


  7. Nardos Tekeste

    best theme song ever

  8. Krähen an die Macht

    i was very sceptic. I didnt know anything about wonderwoman. The movie was great! fantastic work. Wonderwoman is trong and clever played by a hot actress 😉

  9. Dazley

    Can you like a superheroine just because of her themesong? Her performance was killer. Absolutely top notch, no question. She stole the show in BvS and was great in her own movie, too! It's just when i was watching the Wonder Woman movie i was impatiently waiting for this theme to drop…. It took a while, but when it happend, it was glorious.

  10. Diego Serrano

    The song fits perfectly for her

  11. Johannes Stach

    Sie ist die falsche 😴

  12. Mustafa Uçmaz

    Hiç türk yok mu burda

  13. An On

    Am I the only one who thinks that this sounds like the immigrant song by led Zeppelin?

  14. Omega0850

    Bad movie, but this track is great!

  15. MrBishop80

    Bad Movie, watching it makes me realy sad. Is is just Boring!

  16. jessica ArmyBlink

    Captain America and Wonder woman one of my favourite Superheroes and (the Flash Tv)too

  17. Mr.Reaper

    harika …

  18. EliasGamingTV


  19. Kein Kommentar

    ich liebe den film

  20. Beatrice Brown

    why tf does it remind me of the girl with the dragon tattoo ffs

  21. Sebastian Abele

    Thgis song makes me wanna punch a german tank.

  22. Anton Koros

    this is brilliant

  23. morf

    Best workout motivation music ever.

  24. Mia Tortilla

    Sounds like something from SpyKids 2

  25. Auggi Rangel

    I was so blown away by this movie, I never would have imagined it would be one of my top action/superhero movies. This is coming from a MCU fan!

  26. Bill Bagworth

    great music. damn.

  27. Wyatt Putnam

    The Wonder Woman movie KILLED! Freakin' fantastic movie.

  28. samuel lancaster

    Hans zimmer is the greatest music composer

  29. katphisH

    That's a goddamn electric cello

  30. Kairi1416

    Wonder Woman's theme gives me the chills. I love it so much.

  31. Mhh somehow this Wonderwoman theme never doesnt fit in any situation. Batman is watcing a photo….ahh noo..even in the fighting scene it doesent take the cake.

  32. Deavild

    This song make me crazy, i really love it !

  33. remzi molotok


  34. mzmaster

    I made a synthesia piano cover of this amazing soundtrack! Check it on my channel, if you are interested!

  35. Rodrigo Messias

    Unfortenely she's not with me! 🙁

  36. Johny1220

    Wonder woman's appearance was so great I saw this movie opening night at AMC theaters in IMAX 3D and everyone cheered when Wonder Woman came in 😀

  37. Batuhan Görkem Günay

    türk müsün

  38. Buttered Toast

    Hey people Just one thing Gonna fight like her so beware boys and. my b&g club

  39. Paul Rocha

    Original 70 theme better for this movie

  40. Freud Xavier


  41. tiamta

    Anyone else reminded of "Immigrant song"?

  42. markus30musik

    I am not a rock-music- fan…. but this music is cool…. very cool….. and the movie Batman v Superman was also very cool…. and much more better then i had expected…. i would say Batman v Superman is my favourite comic movie…..

  43. nikolas dimovski

    3:09 goosebumps… the shot of superman and doomsday both using laser eyes

  44. Shaun Sanborn

    This music makes me feel like I could run through a brick wall.

  45. Danny Rodriguez

    i use this song every time we push or charge forward towards enemy line in airsoft

  46. It's just Nehir

    beni garip bir şekilde rahatlatıp gaza getiriyor bu şarkı.koyduğun için teşekkürler!

  47. Life goes on

    Çok iyi ya ..

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