World War 3 Memes to Cheery Music

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  1. Daniel Norman

    I keep watching the last ten seconds because things like this are the only thing I can relate to

  2. DCM -[Some Potential]-

    Absolutely Nobody:
    Switzerland: (Grabs the popcorn and soda) Looks like there is a trilogy of World Wars.

  3. john betts

    2019 : planting 20 million trees
    2020: fertilising then trees with our corpses

  4. Koko Chydaios

    Ngl, I kinda hope the war won't continue or something along the lines of that. I'm not in america, but I'm really worried about the american memesters.

  5. incognito duckling

    I'm in Australia so I'm good

  6. Ravenclaw Thestral

    I'm Australian, and I'm pretty sure America will ask us for help and drag us into it.

  7. PowerSourze Cartoons

    I just watched 2 WW3 videos, Why are there so many?

  8. Alyssa Lane

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    Looks like you ran into me!🥰
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    So if you could subscribe!🙃
    It would mean a lot to me!💜😍

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  9. Tenno Boi

    America: Makes WW3 Memes
    Iran: Am I a joke to you?

  10. Hex Hub Music

    The recommendations are starting off very lame… I want to meet everybody in this one place at the same time…

  11. Whiskey Shaw

    If I have to serve for some trigger happy Cheeto of a president someone’s gonna die (probably the enemy soldiers since I’m still gonna serve)

  12. Itachi Uchiha

    US Government: Incorporates Respawn, EA and Activision
    When you’re not even a big Call of a Duty player but EA decides to fly you out to play test the new WW3 game: 😱

  13. DMCTinyTank

    like how all these hermaphrodites act like they know what a actual world war is. and to add on top of it, none of these kids even know why this stuff went down in the first place. it wasn't just 'some general' the US killed, part of his company is responsible for sharing information on how IED's are made to Islamic terrorists. i don't want to spend all day explaining every little detail to the kids who are lazy. go do your research you tards.

  14. Midnight _Moonz_

    I actually just realised there is a new plague and people bout to get drafted 😐

  15. Deceitful Hero

    3:44, 3:57, 5:28, 7:32 and 7:42. Where is this guy from? I gather his name is Geralt, from one post here. I've never seen him before, and it looks interesting.

  16. Avid YouTube Viewer

    Every meme here be like: America started WWW3
    Trump be be like: Yes… It was totally all America's idea, but I barely know him.

  17. StrangerOf TheDanger

    This music is pure with these memes

  18. Blue Pikmin

    People: democracy has failed us

    Me: have u ever heard the tragedy of communism

  19. Goose Heck

    Sorry can’t have spicy lung

  20. Kumin Wifu

    Real bro he made it 9:59 minutes long a true gamer

  21. Mr. Android Animations

    Red stone experts during WW3:

    ”I’m 1000 parallel universes ahead of you.”

  22. Rentabledog1738 Bob

    Cheery memes to WWlll music

  23. Max Manis


  24. Elvynd

    Simpsons did it already. Turns out us Brits are going to save USA's ass this time round.

  25. Silver_Roses 010

    Me: sees a ww3 meme

    Also me: chuckles in Canadian

  26. Miroslav Radev

    Oh we get ww3 memes all the time.

  27. Nicole Galjan

    Everyone: I hope I don't get drafted lmao
    Me: laughs in blindness

  28. SCP - 012

    I am actually pretty scared right now, even if I am a Canadian.

  29. Barty Krajewski

    WW III has been going on for many years now in Iraq ect. I am more worried about WW IV USA Vs Korea NUCLEAR SHOWDOWN that in theory could end the world.

  30. Henrik Solstad

    Iranian General: exist

    Trump: Pulls out Ipad, Predator missiles inbound

  31. Toru the Red Fox

    ww3: exists
    me: starts parading around with pride flags I ain't going to no war

  32. kail and huna show!!

    8:38 my man Kevin on the ledge and shit

  33. Pink Puff Fluff Thing

    I know these memes are just that, memes. But just for those few who aren’t so informed on Whats basically happening.
    A large group of Iranians attacked, not protested, not some of that casual bs, attacked, setting shit on fire, flipping cars, you know the fun stuff on a American embassy, which is in simpler terms American soil. And attacking a foreign embassy is basically a act of war.
    And Trump immidietly sent reinforcements and bombs to aid the few americans who were in/on the embassy. And he also took out some Very important person (i don’t remember his name) and that guy was definentally dangerous, having killed a lot if people.

    But i don’t get it, when Trump counter attacks a attack the media goes fucking apeshit while when Obama was in Office he ordered and killed thousands in the middle east (and many weren’t even counter attacks) and No One bet a eye like it didn’t happen, and he got a Nobel Peace price too while he was president, i hate to get political but What the actual fuck man.

  34. Icy Cube

    Didn’t the military draft stop due to high levels of voluntary militias

  35. wojtek ts

    Lol i am the only european (poland) that worries about ww3

  36. Angel Delgado

    " Well we where right about one thing

    The negotiations where short 😏

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