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  1. 0e0


  2. A H

    This is prophesied in the Bible. It isn't subtle either. If this in fact fulfilling Biblical prophecy, it's going to be bad. Really bad. The possibility to contain the virus is no more. The Chinese government covered it up for far too long to mount an effective quarantine procedure that would include all those exposed. China is notorious for these types of cover up, they have admitted to withholding information and statistics for immenent viral threats in the past.

  3. dennis true

    Boring speech, Boring persons, you guys failed this

  4. SWAN 3

    More chaos created by large nations actions under globalist United Nations. Who are the United Nations controllers in fact? Why are so many countries that are human rights violators in the membership of the UN? Why are the chaos creators worldwide enabled by the UN? Why are citizens allowing themselves to be manipulated by the chaos creating nations within the UN? In the world 500 deaths from this virus is not an epidemic. China is a communist country causing harm to their citizens we now know. How can we know that this virus fact is not part of major environmental issues in China due to below standard food safety? Why are these important questions NOT being asked in all the created CHAOS? The media is terrible at asking leading questions to get legitimate answers.

  5. Bobbito Chicon

    I keep starring at his bald spot 😆

  6. dan culala

    This country sanitary is at the lowest. Dirty, cockroach, rats, rubbish….feces…spitting

  7. Support thetruth

    …. Comes from eating bats and baby rats they said

  8. Venneth Chan

    CHINA IS ON THE HEADLINE once more….

  9. BertTheAce

    This CORONA- Virus could develop to a worldwide PANDEMIC Problem

  10. Anthony Egan

    Can you keep a mouse, contained with 100
    Holes. Can you stop, spraying , inhaling nanoparticles from Geoengineering the Planet. Can you not breath.. Scumbags

  11. Sislertx

    Good thing this isnt as serious as sars..almost like a warning to china to get your house in order again.

  12. yeye

    As someone who currently has a cold and diarrhea in Europe I feel offended.

  13. hoangnguyenjohn

    He just reads all the lies from his government, to covered all the bad news they had. Look like he did not know anything.

  14. Janak Jodhan

    are the chines examining the possibility of germ warfare experiment by foreign elements?

  15. Asian VEVO


  16. Danny Do

    It is all about money. Depopulation is a myth, more like propaganda to demonize the wealthy. Government is the only entity that wants control and power.

  17. Danny Do

    I thought they already developed a vaccine 35 days ago. More money for the pharmaceutical companies. Their stocks should rise in value soon, you watch.


    no travel China

  19. victor vonzell

    But to me it seems as though they are reading from a script in some cases. It is as though the people asking the questions was picked before the news conference.

  20. Ab Renos

    the corona virus isn't new, a little research would show this, also it's a little strange that the patent on the vaccine just expired, curious

  21. joel ferguson

    I would not be surprised to find out our own corporation imports fentanyl to murder us. Their Freemasons what do you expect, they want to murder a great number of people across the world. What do you think chemtrails are all about. Stupid people.

  22. JFY YEO

    > 23 Jan 2020

    At all practical

  23. Echo1Delta

    I think all nations should do what North Korea did, banning all travel to and from China

  24. TK Baha

    braindead communist chinazi, western alliance, one more time, burn down this evil country.

  25. msaimee2012

    This started due to consumption of "wolves" and civet cats. Stop these barbaric practices!

  26. Podspiracy

    Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as pneumonia to Middle East respiratory syndrome, known as MERS, and severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS. Common signs of infection include fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and death. DO YOU SEE THE SAME CONCERN THAT I SEE?  Please try not to believe everything you hear!

  27. Dan Sutton

    They released the virus and then they'll offer the solution, an imposed global vaccination, which will be another virus. Depopulation is underway, the world is ruled by an elite group of devil worshipping satanists.

  28. CJ aka DirtyBrit

    China,Thailand,Japan and now America. No vaccine. Only containment is happening and that’s failing. Is this the dreaded X ????????

  29. Dan dan


  30. Joe Krebs

    Is it not obvious this disease is a cia plot to undermine China?

  31. Damian

    Somebody please Nuke China…….the world won't miss it.

  32. Cosmo

    Viruses and sars were created by unit 731 of Japan Army in China during WW2 They used and killed hundred of thousands adults and babies for experiment in biological germs war fare. These viruses they left behind to filmsy containers that will erode and spread to harm the Chinese even after they left. So wicked.

  33. Joe Monroe

    Hundreds dead which means highly deadly.

  34. Elizabeth R

    The whole of Asia needs to be placed under quarantine.

  35. Leslie Harding

    Close the borders and stop flights now. Reactionary action will be to late to succeed in containing pandemic

  36. Paul Thomas

    Hopefully they don't conceal like 2002!

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