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  1. Sue Streets

    govenment s ould step up table sort it out bullying go on at work places union can not be on both side that being 2 faces this happen eith me so where is the justic sorry did your way now time do this way dont want job back ever again this lady should got the sack what she did prove of it fright say something lose his job so sad so govement tell me how can lose win when got goventment and union their side not fair breaking the rules sure lot people like me has promble with work like this u knew going on turn blind eye to it why like said sorry have do like this where is the justic in the world

  2. Vanessa Ford


  3. Student Calero


  4. Lil Ambivert

  5. princess maro

    Very very nice too

  6. Amanda Morris

    I think it's amazing singing

  7. Emerald

    Lol the title of the vid though 😂It is a song about ANTI-bullying not about bullying xD

  8. Ludwig

    is this there own Song so did they wrote it by their own?

  9. Claire Wilkinson

    x factor song about bulking is boring

  10. Luke Tube

    Is this off tupac
    Listen to the song I get around
    It's the exact same rhythm

  11. Tiffany Cossins

    what are there names/the name of this song
    (its for homeowrk to look up songs about bullying)
    this song is awesome

  12. Derek Spence

    this might sound harsh but they were on britens got talent not x factor

    i love them sooooooo much expetaly charlie

  13. Cerebral Palsy Speaks

    This is BGT not x factor

  14. Emma Flint

    emma is so good

  15. Emma Flint

    you was good will do

  16. Katie Wilson

    I love you so  so so so so so much you inspire me so so so so so so so so so so so so so sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooo much .I witch I could meat you and be your ferends

  17. Bia Goncalces

    Wen I am at school I her your songs they ur lovely and you now wate I'm a Portuguese girl I'm ten years old

  18. Megan Wood

    I love your song I even listen to it at school 🙂 🙂

  19. Jaeden Penamon

    good song

  20. James Joyce

    Love it x

  21. Yazmin Vicario

    AHHHH I remember en they audition !! I love this song

  22. Shakaya Bolonja

    Soo sad and good at the same time

  23. Robyn Hildebrand


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