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  1. momo

    We, CHINESE, gonna own this century. There is no EMPIRE that will last forever. History is the fact.

  2. fire works

    Only two victims in this trade war. The United States and China. The best and safest way to prevent this from happening again is that China and United States should go separate ways economically. There is no trust left between this two countries. Maybe China's economy will slow down for a little bit. But they will find to ways to deal with the problems.

  3. 刘兴源

    That I want to show you the real Hong Kong situation is that all of the bad person who want to out of China, they punch and bring violence to a lot innocent person,and the police is just do right thing,the video has public is just the reporter want you guys to see,cause America is doing there deal to make people have a bad impression of China.and therefore,I really need to say that,Hong Kong belongs to China from thousands year’s ago.and just focus on your own country.welcome to China and you can see is much better than you thought

  4. Eshwara Shawn

    China is not afraid because the have money 💰 everything is copy paste in China. What will happen if we stop buying China products and technology. Just imagine what happen to the China.

  5. Dante Alighieri

    China is NOT America's equal.
    Not even close.

  6. Khing

    China is the number one economy in the world already unofficially, Trumps' easy win… bull

  7. Gerald Miller

    China needs to stop its trade abuses

  8. Baz Angelopoulos

    China views the rioting as an opportunity. Hong Cong's manufacturing has been moved to the main land. Now they wants Banking to move.

  9. Terry Smith

    As a trade partners with China, the US should practice restraint.

  10. Monica Chow

    President Trump should do the right thing and sign the Bill. Human rights are more important than trade and money. China will not honor the treaty anyway.

  11. rick morty

    how is china gonna fight back in the middle of nuclear blast

  12. Benny Troy

    We’re the salves of the US dirty Politicians and greedy cooperates

  13. Benny Troy

    Americans should worry about their debt instead

  14. Benny Troy

    The US cooperates are in charge where to buy the cheapest goods for import to the US , do people have extra money or willing to pay 50% more to buy from Taiwan or Vietnam? Don’t forget Vietnam also communist , it’s just so simple to answer that US government don’t want to see China surpass the US

  15. gl

    There is a big chance that the rioters may just destroy the polling stations like how they destroyed the universities. They are hardly pro-democracy.

  16. Global Fortune Catalyst

    Xi tells us he wants face but disguised in his language he desperately begging USA to forgo all the trade tariffs and treat china as beloved son who has stolen lots of daddy's money.

  17. Lawrence Sullivan

    China is the largest financier of US debt so attacking them is probably not a good idea unless you want to see the US declare bankruptcy

  18. Lawrence Sullivan

    US has to stop trying to bully China as that strategy is going nowhere. China will wait out as long as it takes.

  19. bigbabyzubas

    China wants A deal.

    But only wants A deal they win and we lose with.

    Hence the "Fighting back"

    It's. More like. "Getting Desperate"

  20. ADHD

    China needs to be destroyed soulless insects

  21. Askar Niko02

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