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  1. Наталья Махмудова

    Какая красивая пара!!!

  2. xxSennaxx

    WOW I love the changes!! Just amazing.

  3. EdTing Green

    Where did the changes happen? Why I felt it is the same with the version last season.

  4. Natalie Marvos

    The throw triple flip is amazing and exciting and placed well in the music. He really chucks her and they get great height on their throw despite his stature. Some little things to iron out, it looked like a little stumble in the choreography, but they look stronger than usual to open a season. I hope they can get him a better matched outfit. She is such a rockstar pair girl.

  5. Olivia Song

    They are just perfect…… .Master piece…

  6. tacnacs molly

    han and his drama to the music take this program over the top . they don't look like wind up dolls doing a program… he feels the music and most of all when he does he stick to the rule of presenting the girl… 100%. this team can go wrong and the changes are fabulous. you know it because when the program is finished the undertone of the smile can be seen across the areana. to bad the americans cant skate in unison…cain and deluc is you give him a solo jump or move he takes it out of context and you can see it in the program…its him and nothing else. its awful…so to the best team sui & han……kudos, kudos, and more kudos.

  7. tacnacs molly

    who is the heavy set blonde woman with them in the K&C. I noticed her last year and now again this year.??? any answers,

  8. Jair, TheLiteraryMasturbator

    She is such a Diva and I LIVE FOR IT!! I'm glad they kept this music.

  9. dharma MS

    👏👏😍 que dire ils sont fabuleux m^me s'ils reprennent le prog de l'an passé.. tout est en musique j'ai adoré ce prog l'an passé et avec plaisir que je le revois.. même s'ils ont simplifiés certains pas et mouvements.. mais c'est un bonheur lui , vit ce prog à fond la caisse, il joue mieux que l'an passé, superbe, même si à leur niveau ils devraient faire un nouveau prog..!! ce serait top de les voir dans un nouveau prog…mais il n'y a pas photos ce sont les meilleurs, les russes sont petits face à eux…et le reste du monde quoi..

  10. Ella Tiitinen

    Love that dress, it reminds me of her hallelujah costume

  11. kim Peter


  12. эшон эшонов


  13. эшон эшонов

    Просто Класс

  14. Jaclyn Ellen Taylor

    I prefer the original version but this can still be improved as this is their first competition.This team is always gorgeous, brilliant and a class above the rest even when they are not 100%. I hope Han will wear green too next time to have a more harmonious or synchronized look as a team.

  15. Kcbg

    They changed it! Still gorgeous. Where's his green shirt? It would be great for the final if he's also in green, Xmas look?

  16. Sai Z

    Please stay healthy for the entire season 🙏

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