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  1. mousa abdo

    معاني لغه😵😍 بس بجد الاثنين بيجنن قصه خياليه 😜على بعض قوي🙆 عقبال كل بنت زي كده شكرا😜

  2. Aayana Azeen

    I really love Ting Hao❣️❣️…it was really injustice towards him ..even season 1,2 he loved her crazily but sad still😔😔.. coz he was not main lead (no offence Yang Yang,Ji Chang Wook fans)

  3. Anu Thanu

    Yang yang he is always in my heart ♥

  4. Anu Thanu

    When ever i see fang tinghao I fall in love with him ❤️😍

  5. Shambhavi Singh

    eagerly waiting for season 3

  6. jameel Ahmad

    My favourite actor chen xiang…..and it's my 2nd favourite drama

  7. broken heart

    Yang yang is the best

  8. كيوزوكا اوكاموتو

    ممكن اسم هذا المسلسل الكوري 💕

  9. GONO Murmu

    Super ……but I have a small request plz …continue the story ……

  10. ifra in kitchen and diy

    Whirlwind girl is drama name
    Its my first an most fav drama

  11. sakina khatun

    Whirlwind girl is my favorite drama 😍😍😍😍😍😘❤❤💞💖

  12. K Esmeralda

    Does anyone know what the drama is called

  13. Sanaa Ghoneem

    هو ايه اللي هيحصل ليانج يانج في الآخر

  14. Bharti Sharma

    please don't do remix!!!😢😢

  15. Zaini Zaini


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