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  1. RubenRyb66

    I liked the dick riding version better

  2. jay63811

    And you wonder why Trump won.
    Trump Pence 2020

  3. J. Pikoulis

    Obama said Yes we can but really its No we Can't

  4. Ojiisan

    voilà ce qu'on doit faire en anglais

  5. Rakael Boozierre

    I just came here to reflect on the good days

  6. AvariceUntied

    NO WE CAN'T!

  7. Erika Gesue

    This was a real turning point for the elections and the country. I truly hope that we can do it again in 2016. I am feeling the Bern.

  8. Lalopop

    This song got me through so many late nights on the campaign trail. Kept my spirits high when I just wanted to sleep forever.

  9. Cody Hanson

    holy fuck.

  10. Petey Johnson

    No nigga you can't

  11. Brice


  12. Eressiele

    Fuck socialism, its a death machine..

  13. TrueLies

    Still a beautiful speech and song, even though we now know the ending. Not "no we couldn't." More like "no, I wasn't serious."

  14. Aaron Byrum

    "Dick riding Obama" – ft Thugnificent

  15. Will Olson

    what an empty suit

  16. LR III

    How you guys feeling now? Enjoying that 39% approval rating?

    Who in there right minds says "Yeah! That senator from the most bankrupt and corrupt state in the country: I want him to be Preisdent!"

    Oh, it's becauase you brought race into your voting stances. I'll be damned if this guy was some white dude from Illinois, the ass kissing woldn't be like this.

  17. Michael Frazier

    I'm still waiting for the republican rebuttal entitled  "No, You Can't".
    It would probably say things like: No you can't vote.
    No you can't marry who you want.
    No you can't make a livable wage.
    No you can't have access to basic human rights.
    No you can't. No you can't. No you can't.

  18. Bob Saget

    now i'm dick riding obama

  19. Anto

    Oh My god. Scarlett is awesome

  20. Ana Martin

    Oh scarlett.
    Yes we can

  21. Metal Boss


    He stands at the podium, a half smile-half smirk comes easily to his lips. His dark eyes are shining and radiant, his mouth opens to reveal gleaming rows of sparkling white teeth. He points his finger skyward and yells to the crowd; "I will fundamentally change this nation." The crowd goes wild, screaming his name and shouting chants of "yes, we can" and "forward to victory." He is swept into office by the masses who are looking to him to solve their economic problems, he gives them hope and promises them change. But all is not well, behind this gala celebration, behind those dark radiant eyes, lay the plans for human suffering, misery and death to millions. He has lied to them, fooled them, tricked them and now he will go "forward' and he, Adolph Hitler will make history !
    Sound familiar ?

  22. Strey R

    Wow @Save The Earth I was concerned nobody else saw his marxist ways and everything else he is doing.

  23. Mardoche Sidor

    Watching this video six years later still gets me goose bumps. President Obama has inspired a whole generation, and that in itself is a great accomplishment, which only few people have been able to achieve. 

  24. Hobott

    I don't like Obama, sorry. He's such a hypocrite.

  25. Cheper

    yes WE CAN !!! 

  26. brownyedgrl

    Yes, we did, twice!!!

  27. brownyedgrl

    How about telling the man who is impregnating a woman to cover it up. Both parties will avoid diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

  28. bbd7758

    Romney would've invaded Iran and Syria by now, and let health insurance companies go back to denying claims.

  29. Kenneth Sampson

    what a bunch of fools, yes we can sell ourselves into slavery to foreign interests… makes me sick

  30. Andy Ace

    And that is why you dont let celebrities decide what you should vote.

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