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  1. Jonh Alex

    oh my got I can't belie it

  2. grabitz

    The only thing I can say is if Trump starts acting out of his norm he was taken in to be brainwashed just like they did Obama.

  3. Loneamaruq

    I was 7 videos in before I realized I wasn't on The Onion videos anymore.

  4. Orion Star

    ohhhh no no no…he needs to keep his pulse going until he can sit at his trial..!!!!

  5. Dodd Garger

    3500 pages of testimony and not a single mention of bribery regarding pres Trump, only regarding Joe Biden…

    435 Members of Congress and THEY are unable to prove our President is a Traitor

    But all of you already convinced he IS, MUST KNOW SOMETHING 435 Members of Congress don't know… As in so far there is ZERO evidence of CRIMES by our president.. As all the witnesses have stated in pointed questioning CNN is so blatantly omitting… Like when Sondland flip flops… Crickets..

    Wow… Impressive.. 👍

  6. Whip Scorpion

    Maybe trump will do one patriotic act and die.
    But I know what is really going on…………………………….

    The republican party understands that all is lost.
    trump must resign immediately because if he does not, he will drag down most of the party.
    The whole goddamn republican party is in bed with russia.
    They must stop the impeachment to save pence from going down, leaving Nancy Pelosi.
    How sweet would that be?
    But before he resigns, VP Pence will resign. Then trump appoints Don Jr. as VP. Then trump resigns.

  7. Peter Rasch

    Ukraine — fake! CNN — fake! Russian collusion — fake! Climate change — fake! Rape accusations — fake! Tax evasion — fake!
    Stable genius — real! Christian — real! Trump University — real! Chosen One — real! 12 inch penis — real!! Bone spurs — real!

  8. blake jones

    Fake News

  9. Levi Peterson

    Bernie Sanders had a heart attack and Ruth Bader Ginsberg is dying as we speak, but of course CNN isn't covering that lolol

  10. Gloria

    Keep it up good Democrats . Give stupid dumb trump a big heart attack . Hahahaha he works ? All dummy does is watch tv , play golf, a try to fuck up America . And kiss Putin's ass

  11. Big

    Keep dreaming CNN! I bet you’ll loved this to be true! Omg omg omg breaking news trump is old and sick lmao seriously?!?! You call this news?

  12. Big

    Why is CNN sooo obsessed with trump lmao! What’s up with Cuomo he promised NY cannabis legalization and it never came??!?! Trump is good lmao he’s still president and he will win and you will cry again lmao 😂

  13. Carolyn Watkis

    I would never want to eat a thing out of that sinkhole I'll be too scared that I would get a virus from Trump Administration

  14. Marton Steve


  15. kkajj5

    Who cares about his health, it's his mental condition that should worry people.

  16. magichwoo

    This WH lies more than any other. The reason for it is that Trump is incompetent and not qualified to hold office.

  17. cuteflygon

    Neither can u trust cnn on anything

  18. Bebe Ortega

    Doctor: Mr. President! Your unhealthy

    Trump: your fake!

    Me: 🤪🤣

  19. Paul Knight

    Remember when the biggest news network in the world didn't look like any random dude with a random YouTube channel?

  20. Tom Gabany

    We can't trust the White House on Trump's health, but we can sure trust CNN… Clearly they have been so honest! Lol

  21. John Ray

    TRUMP 2020

  22. Len Ldim

    Democrats and their paid-fake medias EXPOSED themselves and now it backfires them. They exposed themselves as defender of corruption. If they are serious about corruption, why they don't allow Hunter Biden to present himself before impeachment as he was BOARD MEMBER OF WELL-KNOWN CORRUPT COMPANY. They shift the goal post from quadproco to bribery…. Democrats defending quodproco, corruption and bribery of Joe Biden in the name of impeachment

    If they are serious about quodproco, corruption and bribery they must first investigate Joe Biden and Haliary Clinton. Because charity begins at home

  23. john norris

    Fake news at its best

  24. IT'S ME FROM 713

    This is why we cannot elect extreme pathological liars like Trump to be president. If they lie about anything, they'll lie about everything.

  25. OH Yeh!

    Nice to see a guy on cnn with man boobs telling us about dieting

  26. OH Yeh!


  27. ed taiwo

    fake news by cock sucking homosexual Chris Cillizza

  28. ed taiwo

    fake news by cock sucking homosexual Chris Cillizza

  29. HNK

    Cnn fake news

  30. The Hand

    I don't trust Bernad concerning his health.

  31. Cc Abberly

    The white house staff can't tell the truth

  32. Scott Aveles

    Actually DORK, I can't trust anything CNN tells me, because you're a bunch of lying commie doushebags. Now fuck off.

  33. Mando H

    He takes a dose of Hitler's own meth injection!!!

  34. Brook Side

    Boy I lost count how many times CNN has had to retract FAKE NEWS talking about lying you take the cake.

  35. lrncephil80

    Of course you cant trust them. They're the same ones that said he doesn't tan, the orange tint is natural and due to great genetics 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  36. adam adam

    For making a point about Trump's supposed bad health. He seems pretty energetic, gives great inspiring speeches.

  37. skipstalforce

    Perps gonna burn, chug chug chug chug perps gonna burn

  38. Rob Sparks

    Has anyone heard how much aid is being held up to Ukraine by Pelosi due to this circus. It’s a lot of millions but haven’t heard the exact number.

  39. Tammy Hallett

    Actually you can't trust the cuntz at CNN because all they do is slander people and I would make it my mission to investigate every so-called reporter and drag every skeleton out of their fucking closets! And what I don't find I'll just make up just like them!

  40. hodaka1000

    I heard he totally went off his fucking planet because it was to cold to play golf, so he spent the day being assessed instead.

  41. Jeff Hall

    cancer Cancer CANCER

  42. f you that's right

    What this should say is you cant trust cnn !

  43. Anonymous

    You can't trust the Whitehouse, PERIOD.

  44. triggerrick

    When he has a heart attack (bernie) and passes out walking to a car, coughing up flem into a glass of water, having numerous strikes on camera, dehydrated, pneumonia constantly, exhaustion etc etc etc (hillary) then you can question superprez's health. Bernie will die before the election which he will never win and hillary will be dead In 5 years and burn in hell while slick willy is still getting trim from interns

  45. motorcycle man

    Lays in bed and watches TV all freaking night eating french fries and hamburgers

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