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  1. serpentza

    The music I used for the Montage was made by my mate Virtual Vice: https://virtual-vice.bandcamp.com/ Links to the documentaries are as follows: CSC 2015: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringsouthernchina CNC 2017: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/conqueringnorthernchina Stay Awesome China 2019: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/stayawesomechina

  2. Deng Lee Dong

    It would be a shame to see those urban villages disappear. They’re homely places. What they’re replacing them with, while a massive improvement, feels more impersonal and hollow.

  3. Candice Leong

    Why not start a series to tell the Chinese how well is the US over the China??!!

  4. Candice Leong

    China is just the same like everywhere else on earth. It is a mixture of rich and poor, of modern and old, and of developed and undeveloped!
    Are u trying to tell us the US is of any difference?!


    hi Vincent , pls tell us something about South Africa.

  6. dextremao

    Your camera has been upgraded

  7. Ronnie Wong

    why u keep staying here, pretend that u pretty like here then turn around released some anti Chinese videos to make some money, what a bastard u r, f*ck off, someday u will be kicked out of my nation, and what stupid that ur wife is. 你这条贱🐶,死全家啦, silly English teacher.

  8. JeriMo W

    Love your channel!

  9. Richard Ma

    Shenzhen, my lovely home city. I have lived here for 20 years, love it forever.

  10. 台灣殖民

    They are watching you !
    You know what I mean !

  11. skyman lee

    As a Chinese, I've known a lot of people criticize you about the videos you made are about the bad side of China, and I can't agree with some of the opinions. but on the other hand, I also have to admit that what you are filming is very real on a large scale. So please continue, as long as what you are making is based on your real opinion. Another thing is, I hope someday you can bring out more friends you made in China and ask them to comment more, instead of keep talking by yourself. That makes you look like to be an outsider. And what you've seen could be different from the real one.

  12. king james488

    I bet I'll believe it… I'll edit this after I see what it is.

    ok, I'm not even sure what your point is here… china is fake for tourism? well know what, so is everywhere! you think dutch people still wear wooden shoes? think eskimos live in igloos? think british people all live in london? think all canadians eat maple syrup with every meal? do all africans live in grass huts? no. idk if you're salty about your bikeshop or what, but every culture has a fake toruism aspect to it.
    you seem to like to live on the fringes of the law but to pick and choose what parts of it you agree with; you'll skirt the law to ride a bike there but are strongly opposed to any drugs… well you better not come to canada bud cuz we legalized. no crime, just peace and weed. enjoy china.

  13. JK

    So Winston. Western leaders (Trump) decided to declare India and China as no longer 'developing' but 'developed' countries. I guess your video is a pie on the face of the orange gentleman.

  14. Olivier Perrault

    I have just discovered you channel and I really love your videos. Not everybody can bring such a nuanced view on issues like you do while maintaining composure. Just one question, how are you able to access youtube, via VPN? Isn't this illegal in china? I would expect goverment officials not wanting foreigners pointing out the issues in the country. Cheers.

  15. Aqua abagail

    I love villages,each has it's own character.

  16. fangfang jiang

    You are an artist. Stopoing lying. Why you dont even have balls to tell who you really are. Dont use China to make money. Your face really look discusting. Disappear

  17. Nordisk Culture


  18. Jason Palmer

    Dude, I have just discovered your channel. I wish I had found it years ago. Everything I have watched make 100% sense to me. I moved to Shenzhen in 2006 and left in 2010 with a Chinese wife. It is very comforting to watch your videos and totally relate to all of it.

  19. The White Horse

    6:25 please dont tell me ….

  20. ross


  21. Yang GAO

    Better and better. deeper and deeper. Stay awsome!

  22. Lv Shui

    Would u add subtitle for us,tks very much… and thank for your work…

  23. Kalin Lancaster

    Winston, can you update this title? i feel like this is a lot misleading and click baity. just a request from a multi year subscriber and long time listener. was hoping for some real information, or talking points.

  24. Black Dog

    You seem silent on the whole Hong Kong situation that's developing.. Gov Troops massing on the Border to crush the poor people of Hong Kong who just want to be free.. This will not end well Im afraid.. Grab your camera and drone and go film what is going on near the Border.. Oh I forgot you cant because you have no freedom in China.. pew pew

  25. flyerzy


  26. Ben

    Couldn't agree more about the "real china" so many modern Chinese cities lack vibrant nightlife in the city and often these buildings represent a facade. When living in Beijing, some of my best moments were in the hutongs!

  27. tommy j

    why this guy still in china

  28. Evergreener PWR


  29. noorur

    N7 ?? U a Mass Effect fan ?

  30. Zeis Siez

    As we can see, everyone is allowed to talk about good and bad things about China, IN China.

  31. Mr G

    Same with America and UK if you have been to its backyard.


    Depending on the video you look like either Jason Statham, Karl Pilkington or Australian comedian Tom Gleeson.

  33. High Overlord Snarffie Beagle

    so what is going on in Hong Kong?

  34. To Make No Sense

    is your life in danger

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