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  1. Alux.com

    Hey Aluxers, what do you think about China overtaking the US as the largest economy in the world?

    China is also dominating our ranking on the Richest Banks in the World:

  2. Rajendra Choudhary

    Make a video on import and export industry

  3. 강주효

    Korea. People. China. Xi jinping. All. 100% 지지합니다ㆍㅡokay. 한국에서 하지 않습니다ㆍㅡokay. 철도ㆍ도로ㅡ플랜트ㅡ솔라전기ㆍ위성통신ㅡ기타등입니다ㆍokay.

  4. Chennai Station

    I think you have to know about the world oldest language Tamil ,you should make a special video about this beautiful language

  5. Avi VEVO

    Please do a video on shanghai

  6. glorious

    China is a friend of Pakistan

  7. karan thokchom

    🚀 rocket also invented in china

  8. The Monrovian

    The shit coming out of my ass is a better country than the people’s republic of China.



  9. ohana

    West Philippine sea is ours!

  10. 神羽洛

    Many things are from China but usually be thought as Europeans

  11. 神羽洛

    long nails are only in Qing Danasty ,they are manchu peoples traidition,not other 55 nationss

  12. sammy Khan

    I am pakistani and l love China because China is our best friend

  13. Mayya H

    One child policy is from United Nations Population Fund documentary on YouTube By DW will make you cry and be shocked

  14. Noel Plazo

    I want to have my picture taken in the Great Wall of China!!!:-)

  15. Taetae

    i thought jack ma(alibaba) or ma hua teng(tencent) was the riches my.life is.a lie

  16. Kiran Kashif Bhatti

    my country Pakistan is best friend with china

  17. ankit dubey

    VPN users

  18. James Santiago

    Also, do research on how each regions name is pronounced. Qinghai is not pronounced king hi, but more like ching hi, since in Chinese, the q sound is more of a ch sound. It's not exact, but it's the closest I can think of since the q sound in Chinese doesn't exist in English.
    Guangzhou is pronounced gwong joe, not gangzao.

  19. James Santiago

    7:52 The names of different countries are translated like this to reflect the way the country's name is pronounced either in English or in the countries national language. These names when you translate each individual character into English makes no sense, but when it's read in Chinese, it sounds very similar to their English pronunciations (哥伦比亚 would mean older brother relationship compare Asia, but it's read as gēlúnbîyà, reflecting the pronunciation of Colombia.). Ireland and Finland are the exact same way (爱尔兰- aìêrlán, 芬兰-fēnlán). 兰(the character for orchid) is used in many countries names because it sounds like the English "land." A version of England is actually the same way, 英格兰 (yīnggélán), but most people just shorten it to 英国 yīnggúo (国 means kingdom/country).

  20. Dane Stoinis

    No.5 fact is totally useless in this list.


    Good Job, ALUX
    …now do PERSIA, as the 'Emotion-Based' Society
    …China and the 'Orient' seem to be 'anthill-like' cultures (sans emotion) where you get the pure 'inorganic' version of the potential of the 'Human-Species'
    …Persia, adds religion and emotion based realizations into culture (Queen Bee ) as an 'organic' concept
    …It is hard to imagine which came first or had the 'best-of-the-best' intent for the 'Homo Sapiens' (species)
    …and yes, INDIA (Indo-China) could serve as a 'commingle' of emotion/religion versus the Arabic-Africa 'native' origination of 'mankind' (theory)
    …THEN do Atlantis …that would accommodate the AMERICA'S version of history (Aztec, Mayan, Inca, Toltec…) which might predate the others (Anthropology) versus (Paleontology)

  22. Ishan Bhatt

    You mostly copied all these facts from FTD Facts. Even the question you asked at the end is the same

  23. pyagang tallu

    Well Chinese people won't be able to see this video because YouTube is banned on china

  24. Nehco Oahnait

    Wow this video is perfect for people that only know China for stereotypes and these exact people would click it for that Mao Zedong picture in the thumbnail… congratulations, u just get more stereotypes! Thanks

  25. Fran Reilly

    I love the Chinese people i am from Ireland we love China

  26. Harry Rodgers

    It's weird that this video was created by westerners who think they know everything

  27. Yongzheng ZHI

    Thx so much to tell me those facts to me as a Chinese for 20 years!

  28. Vishal V

    How come this video has only 343k views, while video about India is 1m.
    Clearly Chinese don't give damn…..😂😂

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