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  1. Brigitte Del Rey

    what is the name of that nail polish?

  2. Sarah Mosley

    Oh my god I’m sorry and I’m sure your nails are strong and amazing, but
    1) never soak you nails in water
    2) don’t over buff your natural nails
    3) although olive oil can be good for skin (cocoanut oil is great for hands and cuticles) investing in a good nail and cuticle oil that disks into you nails and makes them strong and flexible. Jojoba is the best.
    These are just tips I’ve learned with my nails but everyone has different nail chemistry. The how to grow your nails video from Sinolynailogical has very good tips too. Sorry for my rant lol.

  3. Клара Пономарева

    Want to learn all about the beauty tips. Search in google as: "Blast4beauty". You can find wide range of new tips to enhance your beauty.

  4. Audreanna monique

    Your giving yourself DUCKNAILS! OOooOo

  5. Nathaniel

    If you soal your nails you get


  6. Arsenal1

    Finally! Someone who did a nail care video! Everyone is just making videos about nail polish and how to grow your nails longer. And thank you because my nails grow soooooo fast. Btw there like 5 times the size of the nails above your finger nail beds

  7. nikki R

    Where is ur dress from? Luv it 😍

  8. Gabrielle Margaret


  9. Gabrielle Margaret

    Bugging your nails will also remove several of the layer of your nail plate so I don't recommend, what ever works for you is great but maybe avoid buffing 😇

  10. Gabrielle Margaret

    Water is so bad for your nails, whether you moisturise after or not, once the natural nails oils are gone, they can't be replaced but can be helped with other oils such as olive oil or vitamin e oils

  11. Eri Tzaneteas

    All these tips include soaking your nails in water, bleaching them or buffing them, and these are very bad for the nails, how could this make them grow faster? 😔👎
    This is a resounding dislike, better watch this video: "Why yellow nails don't matter – Simply Nailogical". 👋

  12. someone you dont know

    pls! Do NOT CLIP YOUR NAILS WITH A NAIL CLIPPER! because it just makes your nails chip more! its better to file your nails with a glass file!

  13. potato

    Thank u 💕💕

  14. Joon Tham

    do you has skyep ;-;

  15. Joon Tham

    i remember when you were a pancake and i made a really bad profile picture for your twitter and then you were like "omg how"

  16. LullabyeLaura

    When I was in high school I could grow long and thick nails, no problem. I was often asked where I got my manicures done bc people thought they were fake lol. But now my nails are really prone to peeling and breaking after they grow a certain length so I'm trying to get them healthy again. Hoping this video helps! 🙂

  17. Tsvetana Peshkova

    Your tips realy helped me grow my nails… thanks, Ann! 🙂

  18. Kinga Lazarowicz

    Great video with very useful tips I will definitely be using! I absolutely love the colour of the nail polish you used, what is it?

  19. Art 14

    Cutepolish liked

  20. الاء محمد

    قناتك جميله

  21. jaimmie27

    Looks sooo relaxing ☺️

  22. Nancy Zheng

    Interesting! I have pretty good nail it grow fast but t wasn't really strong! Lately I been eating lots of nut fish fruit kale and mix green I could see huge difference. My nail have been growing fast and strong. I also apply some of the lotion with some coconut oil or olive oil massage into my cuticle and my hand it feel so sooth and appear more whiter. I don't know about the method here seems like regular nail shop manicure.

  23. Wendy and Leo The Smart Dog

    I just subscribed to you and I'm loving your vids

  24. Yn unhenehnrjJrynyis numu

    Hi rely like u I'm Vietnamease too but this video is HORRIBLE I got inspired by u and when I did it the next week skin was peeling of my nails and make holes it was disgusting and it's still here I'm very UPSET

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