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  1. LoyalLogic

    This bitch killin the game and she always got the right beats for her songs and sounds you can feel.

  2. AppAlaysha 4

    Shes so fuckin self made🙌 MONEY!

  3. autozone utichicago

    reminds me so much of drakes summer sixteen track the beat and the flow??!!! out here looking for reveeeenge lol


    something else

  5. Orlando Cruz

    I have not seen one person comment that she looks like kevin gates.
    Shit who knows maybe this is kevin gates when he not making music he becomes MA and has better bars then himself and everyone else in the game claiming they nice

  6. Jevaun Benjamin

    13 seconds PAUSE THAT ! LOL YO M.A COME HERE. Im so straight i can see pass her lesbian behaviour haha. Nd Pride always comes before a fall

  7. G Prime

    She looks like gunplay in certain scenes

  8. CNDC R

    Far from a queen. I likes her but she may be a princess. Lol. No quren yet bebe.

  9. xolisa majola

    Best female rapper..fuck stripper rap lets talk bars my guy..im all da way in SA and i shud say ds shit goes hard af. On repeat.

  10. Tyson Byzon

    The best beat the best song of the year 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  11. Ms Muscle Car

    Fuck Being Humble

  12. Dondre Johnson


  13. realasf313


  14. Kasheef Brown

    KeeP Pushing Sis,,illest Female RaPPeR in the Game🔥💪

  15. Ladarius Bryant

    Fuck bein humble 💯💯

  16. tsertony phurbu

    Bla bla blow blow
    Meow meow woah woah
    Phurup phurup🤣😂😂

  17. Ghost Cin

    Eye to eye with the real,the fake niggas I can see through.

  18. Ghost Cin

    The game will teach you alot but you gotta play to learn! Matter fact make it double blue strips by the bundle…..

  19. Wicked Rifle


  20. WarmBeer Gaming Dude

    What a poorly shot video to a great song 😂

  21. The HOWARD

    Nawww not this 1 MA

  22. Diana Ross Lozano

    . 💛💚💛💚 * . . .

  23. lucky baby




  25. Thelatebloomer

    Ooooooooh,, 😏

  26. Akhenaten305 Ferguson

    If yuh get rich still live ah humble life dont forget marcus mosiah garvey

  27. Lycan 777

    Oh well man thts free food! Young m.a u never disappoint,spitting that🔥🔥🔥

  28. XiSevn

    She really should of signed a deal or something. She could be way bigger if she was developed more and had a more serious backing.

  29. MrCoreyowens

    Dis nigga here said she stay in her lane

  30. Victor Gomez

    Shit to hard

  31. BiGRaLpH02

    Listening to this bitch is like buyin a bigmac n munchin on it, you know it taste good but its all full of shit. She say a lot of good shit but just another fake. Her lyrics are just like them bugers full of fillers. Oh and fuck those that feel like imma hater. So for the ones that cant agree to this and give me a thumbs down Ya were the same ones supporting 69.


    sooooooo underatted

  33. SoDumbWhoSane

    The greatest female rapper of all time. Periodt

  34. Emma Rodriguez

    Young MA just turned me out

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