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  1. INSECURETEAM10 Secureteam10

    Who is here before 1M 🎧


  2. lil M3dTv

    Here before 1 mil and jammed before this shit was released !!!! Yb the best artist don’t @Me!!!!!!!

  3. cgroe

    Like If He Never Drops A Trash Song

  4. Devo Saucy

    Drop something new tired of this shit

  5. Ashtoo ondabeat

    Before a mill like if you was to

  6. MUS DIME Games

    Why do people beg for likes under ybs stuff 😂❗️

  7. Nana Stelly


  8. Lucas Podolski

    NBA Youngboy o mais brabo que eu já vi. 14/01/2020

  9. Nana Stelly


  10. Comedy Vibes

    Pray and resist all evil

  11. justin smoke


  12. Jamiyah Bull


  13. Krazy k

    Make no sense Gang 🥶✅🔥4KT

  14. drop3bombs

    shiiit fye

  15. Next Up Sounds

    ”I’m not alright, bitch, I'll put you under” 😈 🔥

  16. Mia J

    This really old cause I had it unreleased but it’s still fye🔥.

  17. kwabena

    Make know sense why they stabbing ice😂

  18. Lucid Kyye

    For people that think the name was Tina turner is slow he said make no sense so many times

  19. Nathan Kabangu

    Who better like for NBA YoungBoy
    Comment Nle choppa

  20. Albert 762

    Who else thinks he needs to drop Batman 🦇?


    Who else knew the whole song before it was released

  22. khris


  23. Rich Ray

    Bro be fresh af

  24. Buddy Johnson

    Who else had the unreleased version on SoundCloud ✊🏾🥵

  25. Hunner Christian

    It has random visuals because…

  26. Deon

    Love the song but my nigga this video butt 🥱😐

  27. Daz Music

    definitely sounds like quavo

  28. Cornell Daily

    Fire can't lie yb you know you lil top


    i feel like i’m gucci mane in 2006💉💉

  30. 360 Zing

    Tina turner??

  31. Thelittestlenaiya

    Who here cause it was on they recommend and it lowkey go hard??? ( you don’t got to like but comment )

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