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  1. ADVChina

    ⚫24 Filial Piety Exemplars – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Twenty-four_Filial_Exemplars
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  2. Brett Agnew

    I've herd Winston wife is a doctor

  3. Brett Agnew

    My wife is Chinese and she says if she had to choose to save me or her grandfather who is almost dead anyway she would save him …… but I said that once we have children it'll be the children ,myself then her that are my priorities a d she didn't like that one bit

  4. Bifröst Beberast

    Good that Taiwanese are not Chinese. Refering to Taiwanese as Chinese is one of the most ignorant thing foreigners can do here in Taiwan.
    Also you forgot, that in taiwanese culture as well as chinese culture, the first born sons wife has to take care of the sons parents. Therefore your wife will have to be caretaker for your parents. That is easier since you live in Taiwan so she effectively has to do nothing beside a hong bao from time to time for her parents. Hopefully your wife has an older brother 😉
    Also it heavily depends on if your wifes family is very traditional or not.

  5. Ken Bellchambers

    It wouldn't hurt to take better care of our aged parents in the west, but the Chinese seem to go overboard on just about everything. My daughter had a Chinese mother in law and she was a menace. She came on the scene for one day on a visit, and completely destroyed my relationship with my daughter and her husband, which had been excellent and showed great promise. That one visit not only wrecked my relationships, but also an excellent business prospect for us all.

  6. Achal Acharya

    I can't get over how sub tropical and green everything looks!

  7. taleton

    After the visit to Taiwan… Can you get back to China?

  8. Abe Kicks

    This is weird🥶

  9. R K

    C milk is fucking hilarious

  10. David Johnson

    This video gives me yet another reason to thank God that my ancestors left China in 1860. My wife's father left China during WWII to escape the Japanese, but I managed to "corrupt her" with respect to the topic of this video..

  11. gamecube-king/ devon3

    Letting the baby die for saving your mom *in Law* ? What heartless mother could do that? Let alone the bloodline's survivability…..

    Do they make that much childs for them to be disposable like that?

  12. Commenter Person

    Interesting insight!

  13. Niners94

    These aren’t just Chinese things but Asians in general.

  14. VeniVidiVici YGODL KOG 2019

    LOL! Your Chinese girlfriend will dump you as soon as you refuse her request for cash.

  15. devilxelloss

    Waaaa? Winston's wife is a doctor?!!! 😲

  16. Tom R

    My parents are still the most important thing to me, until they quit giving me money, then they're dead to me.

  17. Jay Bub

    I’ll be honest and say I believe that Japanese women are better.

  18. fazole

    There's a great movie called "The Emperor's Shadow" which covers ancient Chinese history from the eyes of a man taken as a royal hostage as a boy. It shows the incredible daily suffering and cheapness of life in China but with humor. A memorable scene is hanging him over boiling horse urine to cause blindness—but it's good for your skin! Chinese Century Eggs were traditionally pickled in horse urine, the eaten. It's still a delicacy!

  19. 玛轼亚瑟

    Sega Dreamcast

  20. CL Lee

    Filial piety teaches one to be more civilized in humanistic values of empathy, kindness, gratefulness, love, gratitude, caring etc For a Nation and society instead of like the Animal Kingdom. It helps alleviates the problem of taking care of those old left behind in need of help to continue living by selfish and uncaring members of their own families and relatives who does not give a helping hand and instead becomes a social responsibility of the Govt. and State and benevolent strangers outside of the Family unit.
    Filial Piety actually bonds families and relatives relationship much closer thru whatever the ages instead of each one living a life fending for themselves when some are just not capable, able or wise enough to manage their lifetime future due to differing circumstances of which are many. As an example, some parents go to the extreme of sacrificing whatever they have knowingly which are much needed for their own needs in the future for their own child's needs or some just have too low an income to support too many children to feed and live a life of day to day sustenance.

    In rich developed countries, a social welfare system works well to alleviate this problem and thus filial piety reduces in significance in their culture since ultimately they know the Govt. and State will handle the task of providing continuing sustenance and care for the future livelihood of themselves and their old and infirm. But sooner or later, it breeds selfishness and irresponsible attitudes towards helping families or encouragement to improve their lives for a better future themselves when it becomes overly charitable to basic sustenance needs.

    Ask yourself, why education loan debts which most young adults are trapped in and become a burden for themselves and their own family unit is so endemic in the USA when free education is not possible to be provided to all like in some other richer countries or why healthcare becomes unaffordable and a big issue etc. Are such problems as huge in other countries and societies?

  21. Spencer Lemay

    I would let grandma die to save the baby, but I would taste poop to save my dad's life.

  22. fazole

    My wife used to terrorize me and the kids with that poop eating story!

  23. Ultima MIc

    Your thumbnail girl looks like the actual geeky Chinese girl who turns up after you chatted to Angelababy look alike online 😂

  24. doorran

    I had to take care of my mother full time after she had multiple strokes.. so I could no longer afford a chinese girl friend.

  25. Tara Wong

    That's weird, in my family and in most Chinese families I know, it's the opposite, the old really sacrifice for the young, working like a dog to support them through college and take care of their kids and cook and clean the house too without complaining or expecting any money in return either. They also allow their children to stay at home after college or during college to save money and pay off their student loans very fast. My aunt used to ask her daughters for money when they were early twenties and they gladly gave it to her but it turns out that she was just investing the money for them and didn't want them to waste it away during their youth. She gave it back to them with earned interest once they were more responsible and wanted to buy homes or invest in a business. My mom offers to help me cook food or clean my apartment if I am too tired to do it myself. They always save the best foods etc for me when I come home to visit too. They also saved up money for us kids too just in case of emergencies so we can borrow money from them interest free instead of a bank if we need to and they made so little wages but managed to save so much through thriftiness and working harder too. I actually feel a lot of respect for their resilience and determination, it really allowed us kids to have a head start in life.

    I think in these foreigner and Chinese marriages the wives communications with their families are not too effective or the families themselves are a bit strange, I never heard of sacrificing a child for a grandma that seems backwards. Also I can't imagine my mom "forcing" me to eat anything I don't want to as an adult the daughter should have asserted herself. I did assert myself with my mom and our relationship is the best it's ever been. If the daughter and her family have adequate money, education and effective relations there should be no major problems. The in-laws will actually be a great asset.

  26. Mortimer Hasbeengud

    So the moral of these Han analects for filial piety is (drumroll) eat sheet, and die? Golly, we Americans have been telling each other that for generations! (✖╭╮✖)

  27. Gustavo Medrano


  28. KN -

    The stupid boys talking too much !!

  29. AntimatePcCustom

    Sadly true. Learned that the hard way 😅

  30. Soulwrite7

    I imagine that incest / pedos are not highly reported then in China?

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