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  1. GjbMcN

    I wish I could double thumbs up this. I google play music all the time the digital locker, the 320kbs, and the good value. I’ve been an Android user currently all in on IOS phones and iPads ( and despite the headphone jack God bless Apple for not walling off the service) and yet my greatest nightly joy is to STILL use Google Play Music controlled by my IOS device through CC audios and the optical outs to my living room system. The only thing I’m tempted by is the possibility for a cheaper Higher Res service but I would lose my music collection cloud backup. I miss the chance to have a play with Googles high class streaming Amplifier that was first out and killed just as streaming music blossomed – now look at the model.

  2. FloridaSoundsGood

    Google Play Music is perfect. I cannot beleive they're going to mess with it. Having the ability to upload/download my own music is excellent. The streaming radio service is awesome. Simple interface etc.

  3. Jakob Crawford

    I'm still on the $9.99 Google Play Music / YouTube Red plan. It's killer. They disabled my services for a day on YouTube premium but I got them to change it back 😉 those dirty savages trying to pull a quick one. Never unsubscribing because it's such a good deal.

  4. Kaileem Inshiqaq

    "I used Google to destroy Google…"

  5. dale caldwell

    How crazy is it? On my Chromebook, the YouTube music icon is a green android logo called YT Music. On my Android Phone (LG V20), it's a white rounded box around a red circle with a YouTube logo in the middle, labelled YT Music. But on my iPad it's the same icon as my phone, but it's labelled YouTube Music. I wonder what it is on Surface devices?

  6. Gabe McGuire

    The division of YouTube Red into YouTube Premium and YouTube music is a bjg reason that I switched to Spotify.

  7. Justin Perez

    "Favorite service that Google killed off?" –
    Well, I'm one of the few that used Allo, which I got only a handful of people to use it with me. It was fine I guess for the most part. I wanted it to replace messages. I did wish it was on ended-to-end encryption like WhatsApp by default. Things got weird with the accidental use of Google Assistant or the use of the loud or quiet exaggeration when sending a text. Messages have gotten better over the years, but I hate that it still uses SMS and if someone sends me a video thru another Android device or iOS it's going to look terrible! So I gotta tell them to re-send it thru Messenger or something. (I know it does have RCS, but it is limited based on your carrier.)

  8. Pulanggry Murasing

    Why can't YouTube music play in background.

  9. TechPimp

    The need to buy Pandora if they want to compete with Apple music or Spotify

  10. Warren Skipper

    I've been using Google Play Music for years. Google is trying (pathetically) to fix something that isn't broken. Common sense would be to just rebrand GPM, instead of completely rebuilding something just to have all the same features. I'm hoping, that Google actually gives up on YouTube Music, as they've done with so many other ventures. An app that I wish Google hadn't given up on was Google Spaces. There is no other popular public/private group discussion application (that's popular and isn't for hate or other unworthwhile discussions) besides Facebook's Group.

  11. Michael

    Never switching to YouTube music until Play music stops working. I tired YT Music and it sucked A$$

  12. Vladimir Byazrov

    The main Google problem is bad recommendations. Google learn nothing from dislikes. It keeps shoving listeners bad music we hate. I am sure Apple is not better. But I couldn't care less about Apple. I want Google to give me good music and it doesn't.

  13. J. Lopez

    Google should leave Google Play Music alone. They are trying to kill off a great service for a Mediocre one. The sound quality on youtube music doesnt even come close to google play music. If google ends up killing this service I will be using spotify. Apple music doesnt work on android too well so I'm not even going to consider that option.

  14. PapaGeorg10

    I liked using Google Play cuz I could pin playlists for offline use when I have bad service. Thats why I prefer it over streaming

  15. PINK

    No. No. I got Google play music that I earned from surveys for that music

  16. Robert LoPinto

    If Google doesn't make migration of my GPM playlists and offline music to YT Music seamless then I will switch over to Spotify.

  17. Chris Mitzlaff

    The day Google forces me to use Youtube for music is the day that I cancel my Google Music subscription. The Youtube Music app is horrible and not even close to feature parity. I find it harder to find things I want to hear, it doesn't have any of the 13,000 songs I uploaded to Google Music, and it constantly wants me to watch videos which I have no interest in. Also, it clearly has no idea what type of music I like because it keeps suggesting all the garbage music that has been coming out over the last 5-6 years.

  18. BadedasTheBlue

    I would never trust any cloud service to look after my music files, especially one run by Google. Mine are kept on a stand alone drive and backed up on a stand alone drive.

  19. Oscar Mata

    I agree, they should leave Google Play Music and merger YouTube Music to it… not the other way around. GPM is the best user friendly experience there is. Also the best thing they should do is market the heck out of GPM.

  20. Adam Amin

    Spot on!!! Add YT features into Play and call it YT Music… I've tried YT Music and it doesn't come close to Play Music. Should keep Play instead….. What Google nixed… Allo shutdown still infuriates me. Thanks for the video

  21. Dorothy C

    If they kill GPM, they're declaring war as far as my music is concerned. I ❤️ my GPM.

  22. Thelonius

    I hate almost everything about YT Music. Playlist suggestions are garbage and you can't browse them based on any criteria. The Liked Artists feature is a joke. The list is not searchable or sortable in any way. Still no library port from GPM. YTMs library doesn't have most of the songs and albums I have in my GPM library (I don't upload any of my own music).
    I agree that they should have rebranded GPM as YTM and just added features to the existing platform. There are a bunch of music creators on youtube that I like so maybe give them the option of also uploading music vids to YTM when they go to upload on YT. The one thing YTM does well is switch from the song to video format almost seamlessly.
    I may be in the minority here, but I pretty much never actually watch YT vids on my phone. I just listen to them in the background while at work, the gym, driving, doing something else on my phone. I save all the videos I actually want to watch for when I get home, then I cast them to my tv. Youtube is still a primarily video platform, which is not how I consume music, so it kind of annoys me that they try to push the video aspect of the service so much. I just want a music player. I don't even watch music videos unless the artist didn't release the song as a single on GPM.

  23. Syntell Smith

    I got MediaMonkey on standby but I hate YouTube Music, I think Google came up with this because people use YouTube to listen to music, which is redundant, it's like turning on the TV to listen to the radio, and you just have a logo of the radio station on the screen!!!!

  24. Tom Welfringer

    I don't want GPM to die… I love the music locker. As you say, just change it's name and we're good.
    I miss Inbox… 😭

  25. thewesty

    I listen to my podcasts through Google Music, and have compared it to Google Podcasts. Music is still the better choice for podcasts too.

  26. Nathaniel Cramer

    It's free. The data charges are an issue. But no more spending a fortune on albums. (Even though in a way you're losing a fortune on the albums you already purchased.)

  27. Nikita 98K

    YT music is trash i prefer google play its best music app.

  28. Rishikesh Sharma

    I just use xda for latest Android updates & custom ROM🦉

  29. David Tull

    Yeah … Also, YT music doesn't have podcasts amidst all the rest of the suck that is YouTube music. At least that I've been able to find. Go to the play store and let Google know how worthless this app is.

  30. AvatarICEMAN

    Still using Google Play.
    Especially as I ask Google to play music and it automatically opens Google play music.
    Have cloudplayer as a backup.

  31. John Caputo

    YTM looks cool in black, and offline storage works OK, but the Radio stations really suck. If I play a radio off of my favorites, it plays everything but my favorites. GPM radio was a great way to mix in some new, similar music with my favorites. YTM's algorithms don't work the way I liked using GMP.

    Not importing play lists from GPM is a HUGE mistake. You should have just rebranded, and add features, even reorganize…, but this approach has me looking elsewhere.

  32. Hugo Ventura

    Google reader and hangouts

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