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  1. NFKRZ

    Big thanks to Ridge for sending me their wallets and supporting the channel! Here’s the site if you

    want to check them out:


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  2. Даниил Всевеликий

    Альфа-банк для Alpha male!

  3. NinjaKnapp728

    Fuck the Chinese government.

  4. Steven Crane

    Correct you a bit, he didn’t sell himself to China, but CCP. Which is a big difference between them.

  5. Nickolay Semenov

    It's so ironic – to promote Chinese government on the video platform which Chinese government banned with their stupid firewall. Dumber than this could be only Youtubers who supports North Korea. And I know it's a thing.

  6. catsman cat

    Your chinese on point

  7. MuncherOfCurryz

    Funny coz China don’t even belong to them. Pooh bear looking idiot should get his facts right…

  8. Ivan Lee

    hmmm i see your mandarin is getting better roman

  9. cfriedel123

    NFKRZ sings "I Love Beijing Tienanmen" and I immediately have flashbacks of HK97 =)

  10. Turning Null

    WTF Man? Are you out of your mind? Nathan Rich actually tells the truth. I living in China a couple years before. There is nothing wrong with his describe about China, and if you really living in China a while you will know 'serpentza' just using the same method as those fake media to creating the illusion about how bad China is. So that no one will go head to check out what the REAL China is by really visit there and basically keep ppl stuck in the lies.

    But sorry, it is already 21 century. And people are not just all stupid!

  11. En liven

    A chinaboo or something? Clips taken out of context, childish speech, really?

  12. Bruno Henrique

    Make a video speaking only in russian please

  13. Dean Brown

    Funny how if someone moves to any other country and says they love it and like the government its great, but if someone does it in China they get accused of receiving a government cheque to do so. I've been in China for 5 years, came from Australia, and would rip up my Aus passport any day.

  14. Poop GayHind

    Fuck your Ridge wallet

  15. Darren Lois

    Wo bu dong zhongwen

  16. James Harrington

    Serpanza like he said many times was an English teacher, among many other things. Like anime magazine producer, motorbike repair shop owner, and if he says he is an IT Guru I’m inclined to believe him because he backs up everything he says. You just have to spend time watching the videos.

  17. Melody Smith

    Hey, Roman, RT channel had a documentary about a sister raising her sisters and brothers in a village near you. It is spelled Elizavetopolka
    Can't find it on a map to send them something. Maybe you can find it? Maybe my spelling is wrong. Help!

  18. Baschar Al Assad

    what's the don called he used in the video

  19. Alistair Moss

    he left Scientology for a bigger cult

  20. Alistair Moss

    finish him

  21. Alistair Moss


  22. Alistair Moss


  23. Mi 7

    He has that dead-eye look. Makes perfect sense.

  24. 月饼

    Keep making drama in China, guys. I love it and I wish bald and bankrupt can come to middle of nowhere China village.

  25. GamHK

    1984 is an instruction manual

  26. Frank Lord

    Nathan Rich is a professional. He has made multimillions long time ago. He doesn't need sell himself to anyone. But you, and the liar you defended, need sell yourself for some dirt money. I don't mean selling wallet on YouTube is making dirt money. Selling soul is.

  27. George Acun

    Nathan is a puppet of the PLA

  28. Jared Trout

    So this is where Mr.Cleans been the whole time.

  29. Andrew McCall

    Not sure I have ever logged in to comment before on any video anywhere ever.

    I know Serpentza. We’ve met a few times. I lived in China for 5 years. He is super hard working and completely straight forward. Saw this bald guys video and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Then I found you. So thankful you took the time to speak out against his slander.

    Awesome video. China is a horrible, disgusting place by every measure. Just ask anyone from China living elsewhere. It also has a smattering of kind, generous people….most of whom are mixed blood, western educated, ABC, or sea turtles, younger than the party and sophisticated. If anything, Winston is too kind in China.

    Unfortunately, that guy took all of Winstons work and is telling his 300,000 viewers the opposite for a buck. Not accurate, not creative, not educated. If you’ve never been to China and listen to that bald idiot, you will be very sad to find out what myself or Winston, or anyone who’s been there would tell you.

  30. Masked Avenger

    Nathan looks like he is on drugs! Look at his glassy eyes!

  31. Eary Chow

    You say he "hates on YouTubers that are speaking actual fact… and who have lived in China for years", I think you are just ignoring the fact that Nathan has also lived in China for years and is currently in China now. I don't understand, why you guys have to imagine a country you have never really learnt deeply enough, to be an "evil" place, and imagine the government to be "repressive", while the people living in the country actually have proper freedom of speech. Like you guys love to image the government banned the word "
    Winnie", but we are just fine talking about Winnie, I even have a classmate with that nickname. Most of our online platforms don't allow political contents, this is a norm and is a decision made by the platforms themselves, it has nothing to do with what the government bans. For example, in ZhiHu, Chinese Quora, the official account of the communist party once published an article complainning the platform censering its post because it is political. And the Hong Kong situation, I can tell you, 99% of mainland people support the police, and democracy is about what the majority think, and thus supporting Hong Kong police is the democratic decision to make. I don't understand, the "protesters" have been destroying the streets for months, and so far none of them is dead, and at least one innocent citizen has been killed by their hands, what are you trying to say? Freedom of what? Killing people? One of their five demands is to "release all the protesters arrested" and that is including the ones that has done the killing. Never mention that the situation of arresting them and releasing them the next day is already happening, that is why, said by the "protesters" themselves in an interview, "We are just play the video game GTA in real life".

    Chinese people, in general, are very proud of China for being the country today. When we talk about China with friends from other countries, we are happy to share our pride with them. I just cannot imagine, if one of my friends actually think that I were from a "fascist" place, being "repressed" for a long time, and "brainwashed" into being proud. Just… how hypocritical this friend of mine can be?

    Before I came study abroad, my father warned me there will be anti-China propaganda happening, and told me that there is no need to argue with those people. I did not believe that, who would be so bored and boring to imagine a country in the other side of the Earth to be evil. And it turned out that there really are a lot.

    Can't we just be together and in peace? Can't we just stop our boring imagination of each other? I would like to believe that there is no anti-China propaganda, and could you believe that China is just as beautiful as your own country in return?

  32. Lei Robbie Zhang

    Well, if you’re interested in China topic, and you do all your researches on YouTube, it’s logical that you have hatred towards China.

  33. Issrafel

    fuck china but its moreso authoritarian capitalism

  34. Chuck Riverland

    I don't want to know why YouTube recommend videos of people stupid, ugly like you to me. Probably it's time to go scrape from the bullsbit system. Where is your fucking annoying accent coming from? Go back to your shithole country and stop barking in the clean world, will you?

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