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  1. TheyCallmeSpider-man

    This guy is disgusting. Trying too hard to be different. It's sad that you sell your soul to be popular.

  2. stefano Lastella


  3. snoot

    "Even if the cars are falling down
    Don't let me go
    Don't let me go"

  4. CantBreak ABrokenHeart

    holy …. FOOKEN aMAZING

    brainstew vibes

  5. Nick Adams

    This is gay af xD ❤️👍

  6. Raoudaa Ghbalou


  7. Карина Руслановна

    Love youuuu

  8. Карина Руслановна


  9. V Flo

    I wish you'd create songs every single day, I just need more and more, I can't handle it 😍😍🖤🖤

  10. Klaudia Czarnota

    Dan and Domin made collab.
    My life is ofically Complete 🖤

  11. Flayk_ _Replay's


  12. Malwina Nina

    Just love you 🖤🤟🖤

  13. Kayla Murkot

    This duo is genius.

  14. _royalblud


  15. _royalblud


  16. Aaron smith

    that was not 3 meters from the forklift.. health n safety.. osh is gonna have to look into that one. haha 🙂

  17. jody baldwin


  18. Shakeel Afzal

    the collab no one expected but we all needed it

  19. Ebony Bradley

    Love this

  20. problematic emo

    iki efsanenin birleşimi

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