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  1. mc lil Zen the poet

    Yeah umm I don't believe the Gen zheners of China Don't have a purpose it's more of there happy as they are and enjoying their life as for your children it might continue thought them or the might find their own purposes we can only wait and see.

  2. Jorge Nino

    no morale compass??? Show me Trump's.

  3. Egg Ofhjl

    China isn't leftist though. They're an oligarchy. This is like when people pretend that the southern strategy wasn't a thing. Mao Zedong is dead and some of the rot died with him leaving only an authoritarian husk. BPS is a propagandist.

  4. Maxx Wei

    while i agree that the west is now experiencing a period of extreme ideological polarisation, i fail to see any similarity beyond that

  5. Okamakiri

    I don't need religion or any other ideology to recognize the evil of Marxism. I have no intent of replacing one collectivist ideology with another.

  6. Daniel Huelsman

    So according to this, I am ahead of the curve in the worst possible way. Fantastic. Maybe this is why grim predictions come true.

  7. John Stephen

    I worked in Beijing China in 1976 for a European company…(. UK+German+Swiss. ) I visited again in 2011. How things have changed for the better.

  8. John Stephen

    Why is it at 13:47 you show a man screaming Allahu-Akbar, battle cry of Islamic Jihad? China is a Secular Country and Islamic terrorism is forbidden. In west China the Heroic Chinese Army have arrested and imprisoned over 1 million Uighur Islamic Zealots. I wish they would come here to UK (where I live) and clean up London UK which is appropriately nick-named Londonistan. London also have a higher crime rate than New York.

  9. Joe Madden

    It's funny you should talk about having deep meaningful strong and forceful conversations but…

    …the traditional coffee klatch is no more. Now there are pods that sit in front of pods discussing what other pods are wearing, what to buy etc, etc, etc. This is what is expected. This is what is required. The young Chinese may have indeed absorbed what their parents were taught by force. Keep you head(and by extension ones thoughts) to the ground and don't say a word…about anything.

    I well remember one intellectual(a former teacher and full borne ingrate) bemoaning the fact that I had burned him out of other cafes with my need to discuss important issues…whilst he kept his head buried in his Mac Air.

    It's pretty much the same all over Canada. Lumpin robots sitting in front of screens caring not a whit for the manner in which they and others are dying, metaphorically speaking.

    When the conversations finally end(and they will) the culture will die. With a whimper or a large bang is left up to the individual.

  10. John Stephen

    Black Pigeon you are a bit off target. You have sunk into the Swamp of 1950s McCartheyism. Here in UK I've always found ANTIFA are like the hippies of the 1960s but now with a zealotry and hatred totaly absent in the 1960s pot-head, Marijuana smoking hippies. You focus on Mao's China. That is an error. China is a combination of Sun-Yat-Sen, The Kuo Min Tang, Chiang Kai Shek, and Mao Tse Tung whose policies were adapted and adopted by subsequent Chinese Leaders since the 1970s. Also there is a constant back drop of old culture…..Chinese .Buddhism, Taoism and Confucius. China is now predominantly National Socialist but with socialism implement thru out the country thru many sub-sets of local government. The Chinese description of Baizou is spot on…..wretched spoilt ANTIFA brats. Re: Zen Generation: Zen is a Japanese form of Buddhist Meditation which is good for switching to other levels of perception (I've been a Theravada Buddhist since 1980 but I still celebrate Christmas and Pagan eg Walpurgis Nacht(Halloween.)

  11. Joe Madden

    An idealist is someone who's only happy when there's thousands of dead bodies piled a mile high…and someone left alive to dig the hole.

  12. big dave

    nope the more the woke bawheeds act up the more we see them for what they are also trying to compare these twats to a regime that literally disappears and harvests whole tribes is just stupid gen zen are simply to scared to try to do anything about it whereas these idiots will just have more and more resistance from the common every day person. I also cant wait to meet an antfi cultist who tries to accost me stand by mofo and your smelly buddies.

  13. darkmanmaggot

    people are starting to realize the social justice movement was taken over by chinese communists. stay woke fam.

  14. NovemberTheHacker

    Cardboard thin pseudo-intellectualism.

  15. NovemberTheHacker

    You're such an edgy Anti-SJW warrior. Wow. I'm impressed.

  16. Liam !84488282

    So when the state crushes anything asides from it all there is left is nihilism and obviously the state. What a horrible future.

  17. Cecil

    Being number 1 in China just puts a target on your head to be arrested and have your possessions confiscated

  18. Cecil

    THIS is what Hong Kong is fighting against right now, opposite of antifa.

  19. Airwolf

    Step 1: let them destroy themselves
    Step 2: Be ourselves in full display of everyone else…

    In Christ of course 😉

  20. Korvin Carry

    There comes a point where one must consider if opening up using a 50 cal chaingun wouldnt help solve things…

  21. Max gamer 20

    so comunism is the atheist's worst nightmare?

  22. Hoowler

    I so loathe the prick that screams allahu akbar.

  23. BAWSAQ

    This might be one of the most important videos on the internet right now.

  24. Toxic - Pea

    I'm worried about all the people in my generation. I know some indifferent fellas in my school.

  25. Reviathan

    8:10 Even as a Muslim I feel fucking insulted by this woman (?)

  26. Δημήτρης Ντάβος

    In 3 days its our national day and in that day every year commies and libtards see that the greek spirit cannot break to all other countries show that you wont break either

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